In this article, I will be answering how many mothballs to use in a room. I will also be answering some other frequently asked questions relating to mothballs.


What are moth balls?

Mothballs are very small balls of chemicals that are mostly used as a pesticide.


Is it safe to use?

Here’s the thing, while mothballs can be used in your home, it is still not safe to mix them with clothes, and it’s best not to place them too close to where you sleep. It’s also best to keep them out of children’s and pets’ reach as they can be toxic if inhaled closely or eaten.

But this does not mean you cannot use them at all, because you definitely can. I will be explaining how much and where to use mothballs in your room.



How many mothballs to use in a room?

When it comes on to how many mothballs should you use in a room, well it depends. Most people usually keep an open pack of them in their closets. However, there are some people who place them right beside their clothes in the drawers. What I would do is place 1 or 2 mothballs in the closet one on the floor and the other at a higher place. The next thing I’ll do is place one on the dresser(or where ever you keep your clothes in drawers.) So to answer the question, around 2 mothballs are good enough to use just for one room. However, I think it’s best not to use them as they are kinda toxic. If you want to repel moths from your room or house then it’s best to use lavender, mint, etc.

If you are interested on how to get rid of the mothball smell then you should click here.


FAQs about mothballs


Does mothballs keep roaches away?

Mothballs will definitely keep away roaches as they hate the smell, but it won’t eliminate them.


Is it safe to use mothballs during pregnancy?

I would not recommend using mothballs during pregnancy and the reason is that even if a small amount of naphthalene (one of the things mothballs are made of) is ingested this might have some effects on the fetus.


Are mothballs toxic to birds?

The smell of mothballs will repel birds away and it’s so bad that many pet birds have been poisoned due to them inhaling the fumes from the mothballs.


Does mothballs repel spiders?

While it may not be the best spider repellent ( since the name indicates that they mostly only work on moths) it will still repel other insects and arachnids away including spiders.


Are mothballs safe for plants?

If you place mothballs beside a plant (in the soil) in the garden then this will cause the soil around the plant to become somewhat toxic (for the plant). So it’s best to not place mothballs directly into the soil next to a plant you want to grow.


Most of us wear face masks very often and when we do we usually wear them for the entire day. However, there are a surprising amount of people who want to know if they can wear a mask during sleep. I was a bit surprised by that question as I didn’t know that this is something that people want to do, but after doing some research most people who ask this usually have some sort of allergen. Now in this article, I will be answering whether you can wear a mask during sleep or not.



Is it safe to sleep with a mask on

Sleeping with a face mask might not be too unsafe. However, it depends on what type of masks you use. If you have a thick face mask that usually makes you have a hard time breathing then you should avoid sleeping with that. These types of masks may also make you feel uncomfortable while sleeping and that can lead to a lot of issues. The best option is to wear a thin breathable mask. These masks will allow you to sleep perfectly fine without any breathing issues. However, if you have asthma I would definitely not recommend you to sleep with a mask on.



Does sleeping with a mask help with allergies

There are said to be studies that prove that sleeping with a mask on helps with allergens. However I cannot prove this but masks are known to reduce allergies, so the chances of this being true is very likely.




While sleeping with a face mask isn’t bad for you and in most cases will help you if you are dealing with allergies, it is something that you should avoid doing if the mask is too thick or if you have asthma or other breathing issues.


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Many people have so many questions when it comes on to dollar stores and today I will be answering a few of the most asked dollar store questions.



Does dollar storeS take apple pay?

This may come as a surprise but dollar store such as Dollar general does not accept apple pay. However there is an app you can use called dollar general go (DG go) to pay for your items when you are in store, but this app is only supported in a few dollar general areas. If you want to know if your local dollar general uses this app then do a quick google search and you’ll find out in less than a minute.



Does dollar store drug test employees?

While most dollar tree employee roles do not require a drug test, they will still do a test randomly when it comes on to an employee’s performance and they also do a drug test on employees that are in a management role.



Are dollar store pregnancy tests accurate?

Most times when it comes on to pregnancy tests people usually avoid buying the dollar store ones as they find them too cheap, hard to use, or maybe not as effective. However most dollar store pregnancy tests are accurate, the only problem is that some people find them somewhat hard to use but other than that they are very accurate.



Does dollar storeS sell gift boxes?

Most dollar stores usually sell gift boxes and gift wraps. To find them just ask an employee at the store to show you or just look at what each aisle has.





Are dogs allowed in target?

Unfortunately, Target does not allow dogs in their stores, however, they do allow service dogs but you have to contact your local Target to make sure that they allow service dogs.



Does target accept apple pay?

Target does accept payments through apple pay inside their stores. You cannot use apple pay on their websites.



How long does target hold pick-up orders?


If you haven’t collected your pick-up order from target and 3 days pass they will eventually cancel the order. After doing this they will issue a refund to your original form payment.



How old do you have to be to work at target?

To be able to work at Target you have to be at least 16 years old. Target won’t employ anyone who is younger than that.


Does target sell flowers?

Target does sell fresh flowers. You can even check their website and you’ll see that they have alot t of fresh flowers for sale.


Does target sell alcohol?

Target does sell alcohol but the type of alcohol might differ for each store.


What time does Walmart pharmacy close?

The opening and closing time for Walmart pharmacy usually depends, on the area in which your local Walmart store is located. However, the general opening and closing times for Walmart pharmacy are 9 am (opening) to 7 pm/9 pm (closing). So if you wanted to get to the pharmacy I would recommend going anytime before 6 pm.

You can also just google “Walmart pharmacy hour near me” and you’ll see when your local Walmart pharmacy store closes.



Does Walmart cash personal checks?

The answer to this is yes. Walmart does check personal checks (pre-printed) if the store has a money center. The maximum is $5000, with a fee of around $4 (only for checks under $1000) while if you are checking anything over $1000 you’ll have to pay an $8 fee.



Does Walmart use apple pay?

Well unfortunately no Walmart store allows you to use apple pay. However, you can use your iPhone to purchase items through Walmart Pay at the self-checkout aisle and at the registers.



Does Walmart sell stamps?

Walmart sells First class and  Forever postage stamps for $0.55 to $91 depending on if you are buying them individually or in a pack.



How old do you have to be to work at Walmart?

Walmart has a wide age range when it comes on to workers. The minimum age requirement to work at Walmart is 16 years old, nothing younger than that.

Since we are talking about working at Walmart you probably want to know if Walmart pays weekly and from what I’ve been reading Walmart only pays biweekly. This is to ensure that all their staff’s wages get paid correctly.



Does Walmart accept PayPal?

Walmart does accept PayPal, whether in stores, in the Walmart app, or online.



What time does Walmart deli close?

Walmart deli usually has an opening time of 9 am and a closing time of 9 pm. If you want to know the exact time then search “Walmart deli closing time near me” on google and you’ll get the answer based on the closest Walmart store.



I just wanted to answer some questions relating to Walmart in a quick and simple way. I hope your questions were able to be answered in this article.


Collecting and using rainwater might not seem like a bad thing because it is cheap and it is also very frugal. However is rainwater clean and safe to use? Well after reading through this article you might change your mind about using it the same way you had before.



Is rainwater safe to drink

This may come as a surprise to many but rainwater is indeed safe to drink. Rainwater supplies a lot of the world’s population with water. However, this doesn’t mean you should drink it without cleaning it. Rainwater is very dirty because when it r falls from the sky it passes through the clouds and picks up a lot of contamination on its way down. This is even worse if you live near a power plant. That is inst the only way rainwater can be contaminated, it can also be contaminated when it runs off plants and buildings. Plants usually have toxic chemicals on them and this can make the rainwater unsafe to drink.



Germs found in rainwater

Rainwater contains a lot of bacteria, chemicals, and parasites which can lead to sickness. Since rainwater usually runs down from rooftops there could also be feces particles in it as well.



How do you make rainwater safe for drinking

There are a couple of ways to make rainwater clean and safe to drink. You can boil it,  which will destroy any germs and pathogens that are in it.  Another way to clean rainwater is to use some sort of filtration that will remove any harmful bacteria and chemicals from it.



Best ways to use rainwater

If you don’t want to use rainwater to drink or bathe anymore but still don’t want to waste it, well don’t worry you don’t have it because you can still use it to water the plants in your home. You can even store the water to use in case there is no running water, but remember you have to boil the water first to help get rid of the bacteria that are inside of it.

Also before collecting rainwater you have to check with your local regulations to see if you are allowed to store it because a lot of places do not allow this.




It’s been said that placing unpeeled onions in your house can clean the air by removing certain bacteria and viruses from it. I’ve personally heard this before and I still believed it. There is no scientific proof that onions will absorb bacteria and viruses from a person or from the air itself. This is an old folk tale and we all know that not everything we hear from these “tales” is true.

Back in my home country, I used to believe this and the reason why I did was that when I was sick my mother would always cut an onion in half and place it in my room. I wasn’t the type of person to stay sick for very long so I just assumed that the onion had something to do with me recovering fast but it turns out that wasn’t the case and I could recover quickly on my own by just resting and eating properly.



Why onions absorbing bacteria doesn’t work

First of all, if onions could even absorb bacteria this wouldn’t really help you to recover quickly or prevent you from getting sick because the number of bacteria it would need to absorb would be too much. Second of all, it is scientifically impossible for onions to absorb germs and bacteria from a person.



Do Onions have health benefits?

Of course, onions have a lot of benefits and I am going to list some here:

  • They are packed with nutrients
  • Helps contain blood sugar
  • It may help digestive health

There are a lot more benefits that onions have and if you are interested in them you should click here



FAQs About Onions


Do onions kill bacteria in your mouth?

Onions are said to not only kill bacteria in your mouth but also help to strengthen your teeth as well. This will only be effective if you eat the onion raw. Some say that onions are also good for helping to treat teeth infections, however, I do not know if this is true or not.


Is a cut onion poisonous?

The simple answer to this is NO. If you cut an onion you don’t have to worry about it being poisonous. You can cut an onion and leave it in the refrigerator for up to 7 days without it being dangerous to your health. However, I do not recommend leaving a cut onion on the counter for several days and then using it afterward.


Do smelling onions help you sleep?

Onions do help some people to sleep because they contain L-tryptophan which is a form of amino acid that acts as a sedative. This will help relax the nerves and helps you to sleep. However this does not mean it will work for everybody, this will not even work if you have insomnia.




While onions can clean the air by absorbing bacteria, germs, and viruses they still do have some benefits when you eat them. I hope this article taught you something new.