Many people have so many questions when it comes on to dollar stores and today I will be answering a few of the most asked dollar store questions.



Does dollar storeS take apple pay?

This may come as a surprise but dollar store such as Dollar general does not accept apple pay. However there is an app you can use called dollar general go (DG go) to pay for your items when you are in store, but this app is only supported in a few dollar general areas. If you want to know if your local dollar general uses this app then do a quick google search and you’ll find out in less than a minute.



Does dollar store drug test employees?

While most dollar tree employee roles do not require a drug test, they will still do a test randomly when it comes on to an employee’s performance and they also do a drug test on employees that are in a management role.



Are dollar store pregnancy tests accurate?

Most times when it comes on to pregnancy tests people usually avoid buying the dollar store ones as they find them too cheap, hard to use, or maybe not as effective. However most dollar store pregnancy tests are accurate, the only problem is that some people find them somewhat hard to use but other than that they are very accurate.



Does dollar storeS sell gift boxes?

Most dollar stores usually sell gift boxes and gift wraps. To find them just ask an employee at the store to show you or just look at what each aisle has.




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