Most of us wear face masks very often and when we do we usually wear them for the entire day. However, there are a surprising amount of people who want to know if they can wear a mask during sleep. I was a bit surprised by that question as I didn’t know that this is something that people want to do, but after doing some research most people who ask this usually have some sort of allergen. Now in this article, I will be answering whether you can wear a mask during sleep or not.



Is it safe to sleep with a mask on

Sleeping with a face mask might not be too unsafe. However, it depends on what type of masks you use. If you have a thick face mask that usually makes you have a hard time breathing then you should avoid sleeping with that. These types of masks may also make you feel uncomfortable while sleeping and that can lead to a lot of issues. The best option is to wear a thin breathable mask. These masks will allow you to sleep perfectly fine without any breathing issues. However, if you have asthma I would definitely not recommend you to sleep with a mask on.



Does sleeping with a mask help with allergies

There are said to be studies that prove that sleeping with a mask on helps with allergens. However I cannot prove this but masks are known to reduce allergies, so the chances of this being true is very likely.




While sleeping with a face mask isn’t bad for you and in most cases will help you if you are dealing with allergies, it is something that you should avoid doing if the mask is too thick or if you have asthma or other breathing issues.


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