In this article, I will be answering how many mothballs to use in a room. I will also be answering some other frequently asked questions relating to mothballs.


What are moth balls?

Mothballs are very small balls of chemicals that are mostly used as a pesticide.


Is it safe to use?

Here’s the thing, while mothballs can be used in your home, it is still not safe to mix them with clothes, and it’s best not to place them too close to where you sleep. It’s also best to keep them out of children’s and pets’ reach as they can be toxic if inhaled closely or eaten.

But this does not mean you cannot use them at all, because you definitely can. I will be explaining how much and where to use mothballs in your room.



How many mothballs to use in a room?

When it comes on to how many mothballs should you use in a room, well it depends. Most people usually keep an open pack of them in their closets. However, there are some people who place them right beside their clothes in the drawers. What I would do is place 1 or 2 mothballs in the closet one on the floor and the other at a higher place. The next thing I’ll do is place one on the dresser(or where ever you keep your clothes in drawers.) So to answer the question, around 2 mothballs are good enough to use just for one room. However, I think it’s best not to use them as they are kinda toxic. If you want to repel moths from your room or house then it’s best to use lavender, mint, etc.

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FAQs about mothballs


Does mothballs keep roaches away?

Mothballs will definitely keep away roaches as they hate the smell, but it won’t eliminate them.


Is it safe to use mothballs during pregnancy?

I would not recommend using mothballs during pregnancy and the reason is that even if a small amount of naphthalene (one of the things mothballs are made of) is ingested this might have some effects on the fetus.


Are mothballs toxic to birds?

The smell of mothballs will repel birds away and it’s so bad that many pet birds have been poisoned due to them inhaling the fumes from the mothballs.


Does mothballs repel spiders?

While it may not be the best spider repellent ( since the name indicates that they mostly only work on moths) it will still repel other insects and arachnids away including spiders.


Are mothballs safe for plants?

If you place mothballs beside a plant (in the soil) in the garden then this will cause the soil around the plant to become somewhat toxic (for the plant). So it’s best to not place mothballs directly into the soil next to a plant you want to grow.


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