What time does Walmart pharmacy close?

The opening and closing time for Walmart pharmacy usually depends, on the area in which your local Walmart store is located. However, the general opening and closing times for Walmart pharmacy are 9 am (opening) to 7 pm/9 pm (closing). So if you wanted to get to the pharmacy I would recommend going anytime before 6 pm.

You can also just google “Walmart pharmacy hour near me” and you’ll see when your local Walmart pharmacy store closes.



Does Walmart cash personal checks?

The answer to this is yes. Walmart does check personal checks (pre-printed) if the store has a money center. The maximum is $5000, with a fee of around $4 (only for checks under $1000) while if you are checking anything over $1000 you’ll have to pay an $8 fee.



Does Walmart use apple pay?

Well unfortunately no Walmart store allows you to use apple pay. However, you can use your iPhone to purchase items through Walmart Pay at the self-checkout aisle and at the registers.



Does Walmart sell stamps?

Walmart sells First class and  Forever postage stamps for $0.55 to $91 depending on if you are buying them individually or in a pack.



How old do you have to be to work at Walmart?

Walmart has a wide age range when it comes on to workers. The minimum age requirement to work at Walmart is 16 years old, nothing younger than that.

Since we are talking about working at Walmart you probably want to know if Walmart pays weekly and from what I’ve been reading Walmart only pays biweekly. This is to ensure that all their staff’s wages get paid correctly.



Does Walmart accept PayPal?

Walmart does accept PayPal, whether in stores, in the Walmart app, or online.



What time does Walmart deli close?

Walmart deli usually has an opening time of 9 am and a closing time of 9 pm. If you want to know the exact time then search “Walmart deli closing time near me” on google and you’ll get the answer based on the closest Walmart store.



I just wanted to answer some questions relating to Walmart in a quick and simple way. I hope your questions were able to be answered in this article.

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