It’s been said that placing unpeeled onions in your house can clean the air by removing certain bacteria and viruses from it. I’ve personally heard this before and I still believed it. There is no scientific proof that onions will absorb bacteria and viruses from a person or from the air itself. This is an old folk tale and we all know that not everything we hear from these “tales” is true.

Back in my home country, I used to believe this and the reason why I did was that when I was sick my mother would always cut an onion in half and place it in my room. I wasn’t the type of person to stay sick for very long so I just assumed that the onion had something to do with me recovering fast but it turns out that wasn’t the case and I could recover quickly on my own by just resting and eating properly.



Why onions absorbing bacteria doesn’t work

First of all, if onions could even absorb bacteria this wouldn’t really help you to recover quickly or prevent you from getting sick because the number of bacteria it would need to absorb would be too much. Second of all, it is scientifically impossible for onions to absorb germs and bacteria from a person.



Do Onions have health benefits?

Of course, onions have a lot of benefits and I am going to list some here:

  • They are packed with nutrients
  • Helps contain blood sugar
  • It may help digestive health

There are a lot more benefits that onions have and if you are interested in them you should click here



FAQs About Onions


Do onions kill bacteria in your mouth?

Onions are said to not only kill bacteria in your mouth but also help to strengthen your teeth as well. This will only be effective if you eat the onion raw. Some say that onions are also good for helping to treat teeth infections, however, I do not know if this is true or not.


Is a cut onion poisonous?

The simple answer to this is NO. If you cut an onion you don’t have to worry about it being poisonous. You can cut an onion and leave it in the refrigerator for up to 7 days without it being dangerous to your health. However, I do not recommend leaving a cut onion on the counter for several days and then using it afterward.


Do smelling onions help you sleep?

Onions do help some people to sleep because they contain L-tryptophan which is a form of amino acid that acts as a sedative. This will help relax the nerves and helps you to sleep. However this does not mean it will work for everybody, this will not even work if you have insomnia.




While onions can clean the air by absorbing bacteria, germs, and viruses they still do have some benefits when you eat them. I hope this article taught you something new.







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