No one likes when insects/bugs are in their homes especially if they are centipedes. Centipedes are very creepy and if they crawl on your skin they will puncture it with their tiny legs. So having them near or on your bed can be very unsettling to think about.

Unlike roaches, centipedes don’t carry any bacteria and they usually don’t build nests. This is because centipedes are considered hunters they only hunt other insects. But it is still understandable why most people including myself would want to keep them away especially from our beds.

So that’s why in this article I will show you how to keep centipedes away and out of your bed.


Why are centipedes in your house?

The reason why there might be a few centipedes in your house is maybe that they are trying to find somewhere warm; this mostly happens in the winter. Another reason why there are a lot of centipedes in your house is maybe that there are a lot of other insects/bugs in it.

While they do like warm locations their natural habitats are usually, moist and dark. So it’s best to check any damp and dark areas in your house such as under the sink, anywhere there might be leakage, under the face basin, closets, basements, etc.

Earlier I mentioned that centipedes are hunters and that they eat other insect pests. So the main reason why they might be in your home is that you probably have a lot of bugs roaming around in your house.

Most of these bugs might be hiding inside your bedroom so that’s why the centipedes might be on your bed.


Study their behavior

When trying to get rid of any insect/bug it is always important to know what you’re dealing with. Centipedes are pretty fast so it will take a while until you find them in your bedroom.

There are different types of centipedes and the one that you’ll most likely spot is the House centipede. A house centipede has up to 15 pairs of long legs and is typically yellowish-grey. Originating in the Mediterranean region, it has spread to other parts of the world, where it can be found living among humans.

Most centipedes catch other insects/bugs by lassoing. House centipedes usually lay a lot of eggs during the spring season, so it’s best to get rid of them as soon as you can.

It’s always good to know these things before your try to get rid of them.


How  to prevent them from going near your bed

I will now show you some incredible and effective ways to prevent centipedes from getting on your bed.


Get rid of moisture

You can get rid of moisture or damp areas in your home by just sealing any leakage, dry places that are usually wet, etc. But the most effective way to get rid of moisture is to use an air dehumidifier. A dehumidifier removes water from the air, which helps to bring the humidity down in your home. Since most centipedes like damp and warm areas using one of these will help to prevent them from wanting to be inside your home especially your bedroom.


Seal off or block any holes or cracks in your home

unsealed hole in baseboard wallCentipedes are usually very small which means they can fit through a lot of small cracks in your home. So check around in your bedroom and the rest of your house to see if there are any cracks that can be sealed. Doing this will not only prevent centipedes from getting in but also other insects/bugs as well.


Install Bathroom fans

Bathroom fanBathroom fans are great because they can stop the build-up of moisture in your bathroom. If you get rid of moisture build-up in your bathroom it will also benefit the rest of your home including your bedroom because centipedes and other insects love damp/moist areas. Also, your bathroom is usually the main entry point for a lot of insects.


Get rid of other bugs/insects

I mentioned this a couple of times in this article but this is one of the best ways to prevent centipedes from being in your bedroom or the rest of your house. Centipedes usually hunt other insects/bugs so if you see a lot of them in your home then you might want to get rid of the other bugs/ insects. There can be many different types of insects but the main culprits are usually cockroaches.

If you have a roach issue going on in your home you can either call pest control or follow the steps in this article.


Cut the bushes or shrubs in your yard

Some centipedes create their nesting areas in bushes and shrubs in your yard. So be sure to cut them down to prevent the centipedes from laying more eggs and going inside your home.


How to get rid of the centipedes

I showed you how to prevent them from entering your bed but now I will show you how you can get rid of them.

It’s best to immediately get rid of centipedes if you spot them because you don’t want to give them a chance to lay their eggs in your house which would create more problems.


Call pest control

Calling pest control is usually an option you use when the situation is really out of control. Pest control services will get rid of all sorts of insects that are in your home. The good thing about pest control services is that you know the insects will be gone for good. Not only that but their services are usually very fast and safe.


Release them back outside (without killing them)

There are some reasons why you maybe shouldn’t kill a centipede if you see one roaming around. This is because Centipedes are usually harmless and they only “bite” if they feel threatened and they are also good at getting rid of other insects in your home.

So if you want to get rid of them without killing them all you have to do is just capture the centipede and release it outside in your backyard.

Only do this if you see one or two centipedes but if you see multiple you’ll probably have to get rid of them using the next method.


Poison the centipedes with pesticide

If there are too many centipedes to handle it’s probably best if you use pesticides to get rid of them. You can also try insecticides as well. A good way of getting rid of centipedes naturally is to use peppermint oil or tree oil. Just add 10 drops of whatever oil you choose to use into a spray bottle with a cup of water. Now spray the mixture around the floor of your bed, around your window, door frame, etc. Do this every week (once a week). This will keep the centipedes away.


If you want to know more about house centipedes just check out this article.

Related questions about centipedes


Are centipedes dangerous?

 Most centipedes especially House centipedes aren’t dangerous to humans. However, it is best not to let them crawl on your skin because they might puncture your skin with their legs. They usually only do this if they feel threatened.


How long do centipedes stay in one place?

Centipedes usually stay in one place for a long time if there is a lot of food for them. This includes places such as under your bed. The “food” they usually hunt are other insects so if there are a lot of centipedes in your bedroom, it means that an insect problem going on. They won’t leave until there are no more insects for them to eat.


Is there a difference between house centipedes and other centipedes?

Yes, there is. Unlike regular centipedes, house centipedes usually have 15 pairs of legs. Their legs are also longer and straighter than regular centipedes.


Are house centipedes Beneficial to your home?

House centipedes usually hunt other insect pests in your home so yes they can be beneficial to your home but you still have to get rid of them if you realize that they are breeding out of control.


Can light keep centipedes away?

 Using light does help to temporarily scare away centipedes. This is because they usually like dark areas.


Will house centipedes crawl on you while you sleep?

 House centipedes will usually crawl on you when sleeping because your body provides a lot of heat.


Why do centipedes crawl in your bed?

 As I stated above; house centipedes usually crawl into your bed because it is warm and sometimes your body heat is what might be attracting them. But the reason why they are in your room in the first place is probably because of other insects.


Do centipedes bite dogs?

 The answer to this is yes. Centipedes usually “bite” when they feel threatened and most dogs like to play around with insects. So if your dog happens to eat a centipede or get bitten by one you don’t have to worry as they will be fine in no time.


In this article, I showed you how to keep centipedes out of your bed and home and I also answered some questions people usually ask about them. I hope you found this article helpful and if so please share with someone who has a centipede infestation.





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