If there is a lot of cockroaches in your kitchen cabinets and you don’t know how to get rid of them. Don’t worry this article will show you some simple ways on how to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets and from your cupboards. I will also tell you what causes roach infestation, how to prevent it, and some dangers of having roaches around in your home.

What causes roaches to be in cabinets?

Here are some reasons why roaches are probably in your kitchen cabinets:


  • They love places with food and water– Most cabinets have a lot of food and also under the sink usually has water as well.
  • They like dark and enclosed spaces- So it’s only natural they would choose to live inside your cabinets.
  • Unclean cabinets/cupboards-Make sure that you deep clean inside your kitchen cabinets and cupboards at least every week. This will help to prevent roaches from showing up. If you want some kitchen cabinet cleaning hacks to clean the outside of your kitchen cabinets you can check out his artilcle “Fast and easy wood cabinet cleaning methods”.
  • Too much exposed food– sometimes when we have too much-exposed food in our kitchen cabinets it can attract a lot of pests and roaches are one of them.


Cockroaches love the things I mentioned above so it’s best to avoid doing some of those things.


Ways on how to get rid of cockroaches

Bay leaves- Bay leaves don’t eliminate cockroaches but it keeps them away. So spread out a couple of them in your kitchen cabinets and the roaches won’t show up anymore.

Borax- Borax seems to be really deadly to cockroaches so all you have to do is sprinkle some in different areas inside your kitchen cabinets.

Insect sprays- Insect sprays are a great way to repel and eliminate cockroaches from your kitchen cabinets. But I do have to warn you that they are very toxic to inhale and they should not be sprayed where there is a lot of food. A great way of doing this is to wear a mask and a glove and remove everything from the cabinets and put them away from the kitchen. Then spray inside the cabinets (don’t spray too much). After spraying let the cabinets air out for almost a day (until it’s ok to put back your stuff in them).

Seal or block holes- Cockroaches are very small so they can fit through a lot of holes and crevices. So it’s best to seal any holes you see in your kitchen cabinets.

Dish soap and water spray– Just mix together a lot of dish soap or any other soap with water. After mixing them together spray every cockroach you see. Spray it onto the cockroach until it starts to slow down. This is a great way of clogging the cockroaches’ breathing pores. While this method will eliminate them it’s still not a permanent solution.


These are the best ways to get rid of roaches in kitchen cabinets. I hope at least one of these methods helped you.



Contact pest control if none of those tips I mentioned above works

If you realize that what you are doing isn’t getting rid of the cockroaches you might need to call pest control. Especially if there is a lot of them roaming around your house and kitchen cabinets. Pest control is always the best option because they have experience, the right equipment, and when you contact pest control you know that there will no longer be an infestation in your home.



How to prevent roach infestation

Throughout this article, I talked about how to get rid of cockroaches but now I will show you a couple of ways on how you can prevent them from being inside your kitchen cabinets.

  • Remove any open/exposed food – It is never good to keep exposed food inside your kitchen cabinets or anywhere at all. Cockroaches will go to any enclosed areas where there are a lot of food sources. I would recommend that you store any dry food you have in a plastic container. If you don’t have any plastic containers then just store some of them in the refrigerator and use a Ziploc bag to store the rest.
  • Block or seal any small entry points- I mentioned this earlier in this article, all you have to do is find any small holes and crevices in your cabinets and use something to block them.
  • Make sure there aren’t any water leaks- Cockroaches like areas where there is water so it’s best to check everywhere in your kitchen to make sure there isn’t any leaking water. Check the cabinet under the kitchen sink because that’s where the leakage is usually found. Getting rid of leaks is a good way of preventing roaches from being in your kitchen.


Some Dangers of having roaches in your cabinets

Now I will be telling you 2 dangers of what having roaches inside your kitchen cabinets for too long may cause.

  • They can contaminate your food-Cockroaches carry a lot of bacteria and if you have exposed/open foods in your kitchen cabinets and they go near it or in it. I would recommend you to get rid of that food item. This may cause, staphylococcus, salmonella, and streptococcus according to the EPA.
  • They may cause allergies–  When cockroaches shed body parts, excrete and lay eggs this can cause allergic reactions (for a lot of people).



Throughout this article, I showed you how to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets and I hope you found it helpful.



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