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A baseboard is definitely a place that most people including myself usually forget to clean. When I used to clean my home I used to overlook the baseboard areas. Until one day they looked extremely dirty. They had a lot of dust and other markings on them. That’s when I decided to clean it. Once I was finished cleaning the baseboards, it made the rest of the house look way cleaner than before.


Now it’s time for me to tell you how to do it. You have 2 options. Option one is to use a magic eraser. For this, all you need to do is get a magic eraser sponge and soak it in water. Then squeeze the excess water out of it. Now use the sponge to clean the baseboards. Be sure to scrub gently.


The second option is to use an old toothbrush. A toothbrush? You might ask but yes a toothbrush is great at cleaning things such as shoes, grooves, and other hard-to-reach areas. Now all you need to do is use the toothbrush to clean the baseboards(make sure the brush is wet. If you realize that the stains or scuff marks are still there, just squeeze a tip of dish soap on the toothbrush(like how you would squeeze toothpaste on a toothbrush). Now gently brush the walls.


These 2 options will make your baseboards look way cleaner than before.



Another place that most people usually overlook when they are cleaning is tables or desks. People not only leave them dirty for a long time but they also leave them unorganized as well. The best way to clean any table or desk is to use a duster and get rid of the dust that was on them. Then use a slightly damped microfibre cloth to wipe the legs of the table. Then use a dry microfibre cloth to give the table a final wipe



The best way to clean any refrigerator is to start from the inside. To clean the inside of the refrigerator you first need to take everything that you had in the fridge and put it on a counter so you can clean more areas. Only remove items from the areas you are going to clean.


Now what you need to do is get a damp cloth and squeeze 3 drops of dish soap on it. Then pour 1/2 cup of vinegar on the cloth. After doing that use the cloth to wipe inside the fridge. After you finish wiping it. Use a dry cloth to wipe away the soap residue that was made by wiping the refrigerator the first time. Now put back the stuff in the fridge.


Now let’s focus on the outside of the refrigerator. If your fridge is a stainless steel fridge I wouldn’t recommend you try this.What you need is another damp cloth and a bottle of dish soap. Squeeze 2 drops of dishsoap on the cloth and wipe the fridge doors with it. After doing that just use a dry cloth to wipe away the soap residue.This might sound really similar to what I said before and thats because it is.



It’s strange that a lot of people watch TV very often but usually don’t clean it. I was one of these people. The main reason why I use to not clean it was that most of the dust build-up was on the back of the TV. So the best way to clean your TV is to get a duster and get rid of the dust on the back of it. If you have dust on the TV screen just lightly dust it(with the duster).


See that was very simple.



First, you need to organize your closet. If you want to organize your closet properly this will show you the best ways to do it. The next thing you need to do is get rid of the dust that was in the closet. Don’t worry most of the dust that’s in the closet or at two places the closet floor and the walls. All you need to do is just vacuum or sweep away the dust that’s on the floor. For the walls what you need is a duster and dust the wall in the closet.

Cleaning hardwood floors is not an easy task. They usually get very dirty and sometimes sticky overtime. You have to clean them in special ways. So I’ve gathered some info on how to clean hardwood floors and this is what I came up with.

This will guide you on how to clean your hardwood floors.



This might sound a bit difficult but trust me, it isn’t. The first thing you need is an empty glass cleaner spray bottle. Then you need the following ingredients.

  • 3 tbsp of vinegar
  • tip of essential oil (lemon)
  • 2 tsp of pine sol
  • 1 tbsp of olive oil
  • warm water (pour it into the spray bottle until it reaches halfway)



Be sure to clean the floor first. Try to sweep or vacuum it so you can get rid of all the dust that was on it. After doing that, you should use a clean damp mop to clean the floors(make sure to use warm water on the mop). Then use a dry clean towel to dry the floor. If you leave any liquid on hardwood floors it might damage them. So it’s best to always dry up after something is spilled or when you are mopping it. I don’t recommend air drying.



Spray the mixture all over the floor.

The next thing you need to do is to spray the mixture all over the floor.  After that, you should use a clean damp mop to wipe the floor.
After doing this you should use a towel to dry the floor.
This will make your floors look shiny and clean.

Cleaning a home can be very hard at times. That’s because most people don’t know where to start. So I’ve written this article to help out those who are having issues cleaning their home and want a proper guide.  Start by doing the following.




The best way to start when cleaning your entire home is by decluttering. You can choose to declutter and clean one room at a time or choose to declutter the whole house then clean the rooms after. When decluttering you have to organize things first. Let’s say you are in your bedroom, try to organize a lot of things. Put back things where they belong and that will help you to realize which items are useful. When decluttering your bedroom remember to organize the closet as well. If you want to learn more about organizing a closet you can check this out. If you know you are not going to use something ever again try to get rid of it. Sometimes we might think that some things we have are useful but honestly, they aren’t.




Hooray, you decluttered your whole house, but know we have to focus on the cleaning part. Don’t worry  I will guide you through this. One of the best ways to clean a messy house is to start with the room that’s usually the easiest to clean and end with the hardest one. Usually its the following order for me:




Your bedrooms are probably the easiest area to clean in your entire house. That’s because they are usually not as big as the living room. This makes it way easier to clean. Another reason why they are the easiest room to clean is because they aren’t a lot of people in most bedrooms.


Here is the best way to clean your bedrooms. Start by dusting. Dust off areas such as the dressers, bedside table, wall corners, the closet, and also curtains. Next, you need to organize your dresser and your bedside table. After doing that you need to use a vacuum and clean the carpet. If you have a wood floor try sweeping it then get a clean damp cloth and pour about 2-3 cups of murphy’s oil soap on the floor(wooden floor) then use the cloth to wipe the floor. using murphy’s oil soap on any wooden surfaces will not only clean it but it will make it look shiny as well.




The living room is way more easier to clean than you might think. Sure it usually has a lot of people in it but to clean it isn’t going to take along time.


The first thing you need to do is dust off certain surfaces. Make sure to dust the surface of certain things like the TV, table, sofa, walls, theater, and anything else that has a lot of dust on it. Then after that make sure to vacuum the floor. Also be sure to organize minor stuff like the cushions on the sofa, the living room table, and the Tv stand(if you have one). Then afterward make sure to use an air fresher for the final touch.




The kitchen is a bit harder to clean but just do the following. Be sure to clean all the dishes, clear the drainer, clean the kitchen cabinets with a damp cloth and some dish soap. Use the same cloth to clean the top of the stove, and the refrigerator door. Don’t forget to clean the kitchen countertops. To clean the kitchen countertop properly you need to pour 1 cup of disinfectant on the countertops, then use the cloth to wipe. This will also make your kitchen smell better.


Now it’s time to focus on the floors. First, you need to vacuum or sweep the floor. If you have a Swiffer wet jet this will be easy because all you have to do is spray and mop. But if you have a regular mop just make sure it’s damp. Pour 2-3 cups of disinfectant on the floor(only do this if it’s a tile floor). Now use the mop to wipe the floor.




One of the worst part of cleaning any bathroom is that there are lots of hair on the ground and in the shower. It’s best to start by spraying the shower with this mixture. Be sure not to use too much vinegar in the mixture. Spray the mixture all over the shower, next thing to do is spray the same mixture inside and on your toilet. Make sure not to wipe away the soap residue let it sit on the toilet and inside the shower. The next place you should clean is the face basin. To clean the face basin properly you need to squeeze 3-4 drops of dish soap on a damp wet cloth. Now use that cloth to wipe the face basin. After doing that rinse the face basin with water, then dry it with a dry cloth.


Now, let’s focus on the mirror. You can either use glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol. If you are using glass cleaner all you need to do is spray the glass cleaner all over the mirror and then use a piece of paper towel to clean the mirror. If you don’t have any glass cleaner but a bottle of rubbing alcohol instead; you can still use it. Just place a spray nozzle on the rubbing alcohol bottle and spray it on the mirror. Now use a microfibre cloth or paper towel to wipe the mirror.


Remember to rinse inside the shower and wipe away the soap residue from the toilet.


Next thing is to clean the floor. The bathroom floor is usually not that hard to clean but it can still get pretty messy. All you need to do is sweep up all the dust and hair into a scoop and dump it.




Cleaning the attic is not an easy task. This is mostly because there is a lot of stuff stored in it and also it has a lot of built-up dust.


First, you need to get rid of the things you don’t need. Trust me you probably won’t use some of that stuff again. After decluttering you need to dust off the walls. After dusting you need to vacuum or sweep the attic floor.


After cleaning all of these areas your house will be looking cleaner than ever. Also just reminding you to get rid of most of the things you know you are not going to need as this will make your house look less cluttered.

Trying to organize a closet can be difficult at times. Mostly because you might not know where to start. And also there are a lot of useful tricks you might not know as well. That’s why I’ve put together this quick and easy closet organization guide. I know that these closet organizing tips and tricks will help you out a lot.



1.Get a cheap drawer cart

Get a cheap drawer cart for items such as socks and other small items, you hardly use but you know you need. For example, fold and put the sucks in the top drawer and the rest in the other drawers.



2.Overdoor shoe rack

An overdoor shoe rack is very cheap and using it will make you have way more space in your closet. You can put a lot of shoes on it without using up a lot of space. You can find it here, but feel free to look for better deals.



3.Fold clothing the right way

You will realize that when you stuff clothing in the drawers without folding them properly, they will take up more space than usual. Be sure to fold your clothes neatly when you are about to put them in the drawers.



4.Use a coat and hat rack for more space in the closet

If you are a person who has a lot of coats and hats, this will come in handy especially if you are trying to organize your closet. You can get one here.



5.Hang your clothes and other stuff in groups

Doing this helps is probably one of the best ways to organize your closet. All you have to is put stuff that are alike together. You can make it simple by hanging all jackets together or you can do it based on color for example if you have a lot of different color belts you can try to put all the matching colors together.



6.Make more drawer space by doing this

To make inside your drawers more organized. You are going to need some cardboard to do so. You can learn how to make this DIY drawer organizer here.



7.Use double racks for less space

For this you are going to need a small double or single holed object to go over the hanger rack’s head like a can pull tab. If you are using a single holed object try to make sure both hanger rack heads can fit through it. It’s best to place the holed object over the first rack’s head, then place the second hanger rack head through the holed object. Now you can hang double the clothes for less space.


Everyone knows a dirty window is very hard to look at and also not very easy to clean. If you are not careful when cleaning anything that’s glass you might just make it look dirtier. That’s why I made this article to help out anyone who has trouble cleaning their windows. This window cleaning trick is going to come in very handy.


Easy DIY Window cleaner


Things needed:

  • 1/4 cup Vinegar
  • 1/4 cup Dawn dish soap
  • 1 cup of warm water



Get a spray bottle and do the following. Squeeze 1/4 cup of dawn into the spray bottle, then add 1/4 cup of vinegar in it. Now add 1 cup of water to the mixture (shake before you use it).


Before you clean

Be sure to get rid of the dust that was all over the window. Use a microfibre cloth to do so. Be sure to remove the dust in the creases. You can also use an air duster to clean the hard to reach areas. This will make the other cleaning process way easier.


How to use SPRAY

Get a microfibre cloth. Spray the solution on the window pane then use the cloth to wipe it. After doing that your window will be clean but soapy. To get rid of the soap from the glass pane just use another damp microfiber cloth to wipe away the soap residue.


BEST WAY to clean ANY window screen

What I’ve realized is that a window screen traps more dust than the other parts of the window. The best way to clean a window screen is to get rid of all the dust from it. To do this you need to get a small duster and wipe away all the dust. Be sure to dust the corners as well.


After following the directions your windows will look way cleaner than before. These are the best tips to clean your windows properly. I hoped you found this article helpful.

You might not have heard of fabuloso but it’s a great disinfectant. It’s really good when you want to make an area in your house smell better. It also has some weird but useful hacks and tricks. These hacks and tricks are right here.




To do this all you need to do is pour 1-2 cups of fabuloso in the sink disposal. After doing this your sink will have a nice smell.




Fabuloso is a deodorizer so it’s great for making areas smell better. One of these areas is the bathroom shower. It’s easy for the bathroom shower to get dirty so to clean it just try these hacks. But to make it smell better is a whole other story. To make your bathroom smell good all you need to do is the following. Get a small damp washcloth and sprinkle fabuloso all over it. Now use the cloth to wipe all over the shower. Wipe areas such as the bathtub/shower floor, shower walls, and the showerhead.




Keeping a clean toilet is way harder than you might think. Most times it gets dirty by itself. If you are having trouble with cleaning your toilet you can check out this article. Now if you want to make your toilet smell good, all you need to do is the following. Pour 2-3 cups of fabuloso in the toilet tank. Now you will realize that every time you flush you will smell the fabuloso scent.




To do this all you need to do is throw 1/4 – 1/2 cup of fabuloso deodorizer into the stand where you place the toilet brush. Every time you use to place the brush inside the stand you are basically making it smell better than before.




To make your kitchen smell great with fabuloso, all you need to do is the following. Get a damp cloth and sprinkle a lot of fabuloso all over it. Know use that cloth to wipe areas such as the kitchen cabinets, sink, refrigerator door, stove, and countertops. After cleaning those areas you will realize that your kitchen will start to smell wonderful.




To make your bathroom smell better with fabuloso. All you need to do is sprinkle fabuloso on a damp cloth and wipe areas like the face basin, shower, faucet, toilet, and also the bathroom floor(Sprinkle fabuloso on one part of the bathroom floor and use a clean damp mop to wipe). After doing all these tricks your bathroom will smell great.



If you have read some of my other articles, you will realize that I love using dawn dish soap to clean. That’s because it’s great for cleaning purposes, not just only for dishes but a lot of other things/surfaces too.


To clean your shower with dawn just squeeze a few drops of dawn dish soap on a cloth(damp). Now use the cloth to scrub all over the shower.


Be sure to scrub in between the shower tiles and also to clean the tub, spout, and showerhead as well.




To remove soap scum, dirt, and grime from inside your shower with borax, all you need to do is the following.


Sprinkle a lot of borax inside the shower tub and use a brush to scrub all over(remember to sprinkle water inside the tub before sprinkling the borax this will make the borax wet and moist).


After your done scrubbing rinse the tub with a lot of water.




This actually works. What you need is a bottle of Lysol surface cleaner and a cloth. Pour some of the Lysol on the cloth.


Make sure the cloth is damp after pouring the Lysol on it, don’t pour too much because you don’t want to finish it. After doing use the cloth to wipe all over the shower.


Wipe areas such as the tub/shower floor, shower head, tub spout, and the shower wall.




To remove soap scum with baking soda you need to dop the following. Sprinkle a lot of baking soda in the shower floor/ tub. Now get a cleaning brush and scrub the floor.


If the soap scum is on the shower walls/tiles just sprinkle some of the baking soda on a damp cloth and use it to wipe the walls. Remember to rinse the wall and floor with water. This should remove all the soap scum that was in your shower.




If you want to deep clean your shower the right way, Just follow this tip. Get half a bucket of warm water. And pour 1 and half cups of vinegar in it.


Then get a cleaning cloth, dip it into the bucket and use the cloth to wipe everywhere inside the shower. Then after doing this rinse the shower with a lot of water(to get rid of the vinegar smell).




This is simple and easy to do. Just turn on warm water on a cloth and use it to clean your shower head. It’s that simple.




Dirt and grime gloves to gather in between shower tiles. So if you are having problems or don’t know how to clean the grime in between your shower tiles just do the following.


For this, all you need to do is get a wet cleaning brush and squeeze 2-4 drops of dish soap on the brush. Now use the brush to clean in between the shower tiles. You can also use diluted bleach as well.








When storing lettuce you can’t forget to clean it first. You don’t want your stored food to be unclean. Cleaning lettuce is rather easy. Just do the following.


First, you need to put the lettuce head in medium temp water (not too warm and not too cold). Then leave it there for 1 minute. Now all you have to do is to wash the lettuce in cold water.


Now place the lettuce in a lettuce spinner and let it dry for 2 mins. If you don’t have a lettuce spinner use a clean, dry kitchen cloth to dry the lettuce. If you don’t have a cloth use a paper towel instead.




When you are planning to store lettuce you need to be careful. Moisture can be a huge problem when it comes on to lettuce storing. Sometimes you might think that lettuce needs a little moisture but when you are going to store it you don’t need moisture. If you want to perverse your lettuce the right way just follow these tips.


First, you need to wrap the lettuce in a paper towel, this will remove the excess moisture. Then place the lettuce head in a plastic bag. Now Place the bag of lettuce in the refrigerator. To be safe I would probably double or triple up the bags so that the lettuce doesn’t get moist.


If you have shredded lettuce just rinse it off, dry it with a lettuce spinner or dry cloth. Then wrap the shredded lettuce in a paper towel. Then after doing that put shredded lettuce in a jar and refrigerate it.


Do you hate it when your toilet gets dirty? If the answer is yes you might want to try some of the tips that im about to mention. Dirt develops on various parts of the toilet such as the inside and other hard to reach places. So you need to try out these toilet cleaning tips if you are having trouble cleaning your toilet.




You might be thinking that dawn dish soap is only good for cleaning dishes. Well while it might be good at that it also has a lot more cleaning uses. It’s great at cleaning any toilet. This tip is very simple just do the following. For this all you need to have is a damp washcloth or brush, then scrub the toilet. After doing this your toilet will look very clean.




Fabric softener isn’t just good for laundry but it’s also good for making inside your toilet smell way better. This hack is very simple too, just follow the directions and you will get it. Pour 1-3 cups of fabric softener in the tank of the toilet. By doing this every time you flush(about 5-10 flushes) your toilet won’t have a bad smell after you are finished using it.




I know most people don’t like using bleach because it’s a bit toxic. But if you add a lot of water to a bottle of bleach this will make it better to use. Now to clean your toilet with bleach you just need to pour the diluted bleach in a spray bottle. Now spray the toilet with the bleach and use a cloth to wipe it. This will make your toilet looks sparkly clean.




Do you have dirt and grime all over your toilet? Well just do the following. For this method, all you need to do is spray some of the scrubbing bubbles all over the toilet and wipe away with a damp cloth. This will make your toilet look very clean.




Vinegar has many uses, Mostly when it comes on to coo, but it can do a lot more things than just being an ingredient in a food recipe. One of these alternate vinegar uses is to freshen, deodorize, and also clean the inside of a toilet. If you want to know how to use vinegar to clean your toilet just do the following. Pour about 3 cups of vinegar into the tank of the toilet. By doing this your toilet will smell fresh even after using it.




Toilet stains and rings are a pain to get rid of, but luckily baking soda can do it with ease. If the rings are inside the toilet just our 2-3 cups of baking soda in it and use a toilet brush to scrub away the dirt and dust. If the dirt and dust are on the toilet just get a damp soft cloth and sprinkle baking soda on it. Now use the cloth to scrub the toilet. This will get rid of all the dirt, dust, and grime that was in the toilet or on it.


Carpets get dirty very easily and when it does it smells pretty bad. I’ve had trouble keeping my carpet clean because I thought that all I had to do was to vacuum it.


But If you have pets in your home you can’t just rely on vacuum cleaning to make the carpets smell better, you have to use other cleaning tricks.


Pets aren’t the only reason why your carpet may be unclean or smell bad, it can also be that you may wear shoes on it. If you want to clean your carpet and make it smell wonderful try these amazing carpet cleaning tips and tricks.




Dawn can be used for many things such as cleaning the dishes or the stove/oven but did you know it can also be used for carpet cleaning. I didn’t know until I tried it, and to my surprise, it got rid of the dirt that was on my carpet.


To clean your carpet with dawn dish soap just get a damp cloth and squeeze three drops of dawn on it. Then use the cloth to gently scrub the area of the carpet you wanted to clean(or the whole carpet). This will make your carpet spotless and clean.




You might be saying “isn’t Lysol surface cleaner primarily used to clean countertops, cabinets and other hard surfaces” the answer is that those are only its primary uses it also has a lot of secondary uses. You can see most of those secondary uses here.


One of these secondary uses is carpet cleaning. The reason why I like to use Lysol to clean carpets is that it doesn’t just clean but it also makes it smell amazing. To clean your carpet with Lysol just do the following. Sprinkle a lot of it all over the carpet and use a brush to gently scrub it. This will clean your carpet and also give it a nice scent.




While Lysol gives your carpet a wonderful smell. Borax on the other hand will absorb all the bad odor the carpet had. It is really powerful. So if you have stuff like pee stain on the carpet because of pets you will need to use borax.


All you have to do is get a bottle of cold water with 1/2 cup of fabric softener and pour it on the area the odor is coming from. Then sprinkle the borax where you poured the water on. Let the borax stay on the carpet for 1-2 hours and then after that just use a vacuum to get rid of the borax residue.




This may come as a surprise but you can actually use Windex the glass cleaner to get rid of stains from your carpet. All you need to do is spray a lot of Windex on the stained area of the carpet and use a cloth to scrub it. You can also add a cup of vinegar and a squeeze of dish soap to help get rid of the stains.




You can clean a lot of surfaces with a brush. You can clean your carpet with a brush. You can use a dish soap, vinegar, or Lysol. It doesn’t matter which one you choose once you have a brush to gently scrub the carpet you don’t have to worry.