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Sometimes we might injure ourselves by accident and then the blood from the wound may drip onto certain areas such as the couch, bed, and the floors. Usually, blood isn’t hard to clean, because all you have to do is wipe it up; but when it drips onto some places such as the couch, bed, and especially the carpets, removing the stain can be really difficult. So that’s why today I am going to show you how to get blood out of your carpet using some simple methods.



How to get dried bloodstain out of carpet

There are two different types of bloodstain you should worry about and that is when it’s dry and when it’s fresh. Since dried blood stains are usually easier to deal with I am going to show you how to get rid of them first.

There are 4 methods I am going to show you and each of them are very useful on their own. However, if you realize that one of them inst working for you then all you have to do is try the next one or try all of them.



Method 1: Use hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is mostly used for treating open wounds but it also makes a great stain remover. Not only that but hydrogen peroxide have a lot of different household hacks and uses.

To clean away blood with hydrogen peroxide then all you have to do is pour some of the peroxides onto the blood-stained area on the carpet then pour some of it on a damp cleaning sponge. Now squeeze 2 drops of dawn dish soap onto the stained area. Then use the sponge to wipe away the blood from the carpet. The sponge will make it easier to absorb the blood.

After doing this there should no longer be any bloodstain on your carpet.



Method 2: Use vinegar and Baking soda

Vinegar and baking soda are one of the best cleaning mixtures. You can clean almost any surface when you mix these two together. So that’s why it’s best to use both of them to clean away the dried-up blood from your carpet.

To clean the dried up blood stain from your carpet with baking soda and vinegar you need to do the following steps:

  1. Get a bowl and mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 1-2 cups of vinegar
  2. Mix them together until they both form one substance.
  3. Pour 1 cup of diluted vinegar onto the blood-stained area. Pour less if there isn’t a lot of blood.
  4. Get a cleaning brush and dip the bristles into the baking soda and vinegar mixture and use it to scrub away the dried up blood from the carpet.



Method 3: Use oxi clean

To clean blood stains from the carpet with oxi clean stain remover, you need to mix it with warm water and let the mixture sit on the bloodstain for around 20-30 minutes. Then after doing that you need to get a dry cloth and use it to blot away the bloodstain. Keep doing this until the bloodstain is no longer visible. After doing that you should use a vacuum to get rid of the baking soda residue from the carpet.



Method 4: Use laundry detergent

Pour your favorite liquid laundry detergent onto the blood-stained area on the carper (make sure it doesn’t contain any bleach). Then use a damp cloth to scrub away the bloodstain.



How to get fresh blood out of carpet

Getting rid of dried-up blood from any carpet is a bit more simple compared to getting rid of fresh blood. The reason why removing fresh blood from a carpet is harder, is because it is still in its liquid making it easier to spread and also hard to scrub. But don’t worry just follow the steps below and you will realize that it’s much easier than you thought.



Step 1 Remove the excess blood

The main problem of removing fresh blood from a carpet is the liquid. It is hard to scrub away fresh blood because it will spread and cause more mess. So in order to clean it up, you have to get rid of the excess blood first. To do this you need to get a cloth and place it over the blood so that it can absorb it. You can also use a sponge to do this.



Step 2 Pour vinegar on the blood-stained area

Pour around 1/2 – 1 cup of vinegar onto the blood-stained area and let it sit there for a couple of minutes. After doing that squeeze a few drops of dawn dish soap onto the stain.



Step 3  Use a sponge to clean away the blood

Now use a sponge to scrub the blood away. Only scrub within the stain because you don’t want it to spread. Keep scrubbing until the stain disappears.

If the stain is still visible then it’s best to repeat all the steps including the first four methods.




A dirty mouse pad can be slightly annoying to deal with. Not does it make the rest of your desk look ugly but it can also mess with your workflow as well. In this article, I will show you how to clean a dirty mouse pad using two simple yet effective methods.



Is it OK to wash a mouse pad?

It is definitely ok to wash a mouse pad, however, you have to be careful. There are different types of mousepads. I do not recommend that you wash the RGB ones as this might destroy the lighting, however, it is completely safe to wash any other type of mousepad. Just don’t do the following:

  • don’t place it in the washer
  • don’t place a mouse pad inside the dryer
  • Do not use any spray-on them
  • Do not use something with a rough material to clean a mouse pad


How to clean a mouse pad (method 1)

Step 1 Place it in a container filled with water

Get a bucket filled with cold water and place the mouse pad in it. Now squeeze a few drops of dish soap into the bucket of water and use your hands to swirl the water around (doing this will make the water sudsier).


Step 2 Gently scrub it with a cleaning brush

It is now time to clean the mouse pad. This step is really simple and easy to follow. All you have to do is get a soft bristle cleaning brush and use it to gently clean the mouse pad. When cleaning the mouse pad be sure to gently scrub it in an up-down motion.


Step 3 Pat it with a dry towel

After cleaning the mouse pad it is now time to dry it using a towel. Make sure to pat the mouse pad until most of the moisture is gone. After doing that you should place the mouse-pad somewhere it can dry easily (not in direct sunlight).



Cleaning a mouse pad (method 2)

This method is somewhat similar to the first one except, this one involves soaking. This method is only for mouse pads that are really dirty. I will now show you the steps.


Step 1 place the mouse pad in water

Fill a bucket with room temperature water and add your favorite liquid laundry detergent to it. Now place the mouse pad inside the water.


Step 2 Let the mouse pad soak

Let the mouse pad soak in the bucket of water for around 15-20 minutes.  Doing this will loosen up the dirt and dust that was on the mouse-pad.


Step 3 Dry the mouse pad

To dry the mouse pad all you have to do is get a clean towel and use it to absorb the moisture from the mousepad. After doing that place the mousepad at a place where it can dry easily.




I hope this article showed you how to clean your mousepad. If you want more tips then feel free to check out some other articles.


Our keyboards get greasy very easily especially when we use them a lot. Typing with a greasy keyboard can be somewhat uncomfortable at times but in today’s article, I will show you how to clean an oily keyboard in less than ten minutes.


Why is my keyboard greasy?

This is something that a lot of people want to know and it could be for certain reasons. One of these reasons could be food-related. When we eat chips, chicken and other greasy foods it makes our fingers really greasy and most times we don’t clean them before using the keyboard. Even if we wash our hands before using the keyboard, it will eventually get greasy because of sweat, etc.

Now what I’m trying to say is that our keyboards will eventually get greasy, however, this doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything about it. The main reason I wrote this article was to show you that cleaning an oily/greasy keyboard isn’t hard.

I will now show you how to clean a greasy keyboard.



Things to do before cleaning a greasy keyboard

Before I can show you how to clean your keyboard there are some things you need to do first so that you don’t damage it or the things around it.


Unplug the keyboard

This is something that everyone should do when cleaning an external keyboard. The reason why you should do this is to prevent any electrical issues within the keyboard.


Clear the desk

The reason why you should clear the desk is that you most likely don’t want to mess up anything while cleaning. This means you should put away any chords, USB sticks, mice, mics, and speakers. Doing this will prevent any liquid spray residue to mess them up.


Turn off laptop

When cleaning a laptop keyboard always make sure to turn off the laptop first, this is because you don’t want any electrical issues to happen within your laptop.




How to clean oily external keyboard

After reading through the precautions it is now time to clean your keyboard, starting with an external one.


Use diluted rubbing alcohol

It is always best to use diluted rubbing alcohol and not a concentrated one, because concentrated isopropyl rubbing alcohol may damage the plastic on the keyboard.

A regular diluted rubbing alcohol is one of the best keyboard cleaners to use because not only is it cheap but its also effective as well. There are two ways to clean an external keyboard with rubbing alcohol. These two ways are by using a magic eraser sponge and a microfiber cloth.


Magic eraser

A magic eraser sponge is great to use when cleaning a keyboard because not only will it clean away the grease but it will also get rid of the dust as well.

To clean your keyboard with a magic eraser sponge all you have to do is spray the rubbing alcohol on to the sponge and use it to clean the keys on the keyboard. After doing this your external keyboard will no longer be greasy/oily.


Microfiber cloth

While a magic eraser is great to use I still think using a microfiber cloth is the best way to go. This is because with a microfiber cloth you can almost clean in between the keys and you wont be leaving behind any dust residue on the keyboard.




Cleaning a laptop keyboard

Cleaning a laptop keyboard is slightly different from cleaning an external keyboard because when cleaning an external keyboard you don’t have to worry about damaging your computer but when cleaning a laptop keyboard you risk damaging its interior and other places such as the ports and screen. However this does not mean you cant clean a laptop keyboard or you shouldn’t clean it, It simply means that when cleaning a laptop keyboard you have to be extra careful.

When cleaning a laptop keyboard its always best to use a q tip and a microfiber cloth. Lets start with the q tip.

You might think this weird but a Q tip is surprisingly useful when cleaning a keyboard on a laptop because you can clean in between the keys very easily. A lot of the times when cleaning a keyboard we only focus on the top of the keys (which isn’t a bad thing because there is a lot of grease on them) but not in between them.  Which is weird because there is a lot of dust in between the keys on a keyboard.

To clean your laptop keyboard with a microfiber cloth and q tip you first need to spray rubbing alcohol on the microfiber cloth and use it to clean the keyboard this will not only get rid of the grease from the keys but also the dust that was all over the keyboard. After doing dip the end of a q tip into rubbing alcohol (not concentrated rubbing alcohol) and use it to clean in between the keys on the keyboard, doing this will get rid of the dust from in between them.




What not to use when cleaning a keyboard

Concentrated isoprpyl alcohol

Its ok to use regular diluted rubbing alcohol but its best not to use the concentrated one. The reason why is because using concentrated isoprpyl rubbing alcohol on a keyboard may damage the material the keyboard is made out of.



Vinegar is great for cleaning a lot of things but keyboards aren’t one of them. First of all vinegar has a really strong smell so it would be unbearable to be constantly smelling vinegar while on your computer, not only that but your fingers would smell like it as well. Another reason you should not use vinegar to clean your keyboard is because it may damage the plastic on it.

Nail polish remover

If you don’t have regular rubbing alcohol but the closest thing you have is nail polish remover. Think twice before using it to clean your keyboard. The reason why is because nail polish remover is very harsh and usinit it on your keyboard may damage the plastic it is made out of.

Liquid sprays

Using liquid sprays to clean your keyboard isnt a bad thing but spraying them directly on to the keyboard will most liley cause some electrical issues, because the liquid will drain down from the keys into the interior of the keyboard and  this may cause it to stop working.

Steel wool

A steel woool would only scrape the keyboard badly and it would make it look old and extremely worn down.


Don’t use any type of soap onto keyboard because doing this will make the keys sticky and it will also leave soap stains/marks all over the keyboard.



How to prevent keyboard from getting greasy

The simplest way to prevent your keyboard from getting greasy is to wash and dry your hands before using it. Even if we didn’t touch anyhting at all before using our keyboards; our fingers would still get greasy because of sweat. So its best to wash your hands before using the keyboard.



I hoped this article showed you how to clean an oily keyboard very quickly.


A lot of people find it hard to clean nowadays, maybe because their homes are very hard to clean or maybe because they don’t really have the motivation to clean. I used to find it very hard to get motivated to clean because of different reasons. This is a bad thing because your entire house will start to look messy after a while. But I then came up with some tips that helped me get motivated to clean and I will now share them with you.



1. Create a schedule

Creating a schedule and a routine is one of the best ways to get cleaning. A lot of people usually have a hard time because they don’t know where to start but with a schedule, you can nowhere to start or you can pick the easiest room in your house to clean first.

You can choose whether to clean multiple rooms a day or just one.

Here is an example of a cleaning schedule you can use:


Cleaning schedule

  • Sunday- clean bathroom and bedroom
  • Monday- clean living room and kitchen
  • Tuesday- clean other bedrooms
  • Wednesday- clean basement
  • Thursday- Clean attic
  • Friday Clean Deck or Patio
  • Saturday- Free day


Now, this is just an example, you can create your own if you feel like it’s going to help more. Also, this cleaning schedule inst meant to be done every day of the week for the whole year, after completing the first 7 days of this cleaning schedule you don’t have to worry about cleaning places such as the attic, basement, deck, and patio for a while. These places are usually cleaned every other month.



2. Listen to music or turn on the TV

When I’m busy doing something that takes a lot of physical work I usually just turn on the TV as background noise or listen to music. Listening to music while working can help you be more productive, especially if it’s calm and relaxing. I personally listen to lofi music, but sometimes I will listen to more energizing songs when I’m cleaning.

Music also takes your mind off of what you are doing.



3. Start off small

You might wonder what do I mean by starting off small. What I mean is that you should only focus on cleaning in small portions. A lot of people think that when they are cleaning they should clean everything at once. While this may work best for some people; other people including myself would get overwhelmed doing this. So when cleaning its best to start off by just cleaning your room or bathroom, then the other day you clean somewhere else. Within a week your whole home will be looking clean again, which is good because you didn’t have to spend too much time and energy cleaning everywhere at once.



4.  You don’t have to deep clean

Most people think that when they are cleaning a specific room in their house they have to deep clean it. I’m just going to let you know right now that you don’t have to deep clean your home for it to look good. You can just focus on cleaning the tables and vacuuming the floor. The main thing that can make any room look messy is the things that are out of place, but once you put back those things where they belong and also get rid of the garbage then you’ll realize that the room wasn’t actually all that dirty.

If you want to deep clean a certain room in your house, you still don’t have to do it all at once. You can simply just start off by getting rid of the clutter and vacuuming, then maybe the next day you dust off the furniture.



5. Always clean up after yourself

Trust me doing this will make cleaning so much easier. When I say you should clean up after your self I mean that if you or anyone makes a mess you/they should immediately clean it up for example if you are finished eating something don’t just place the dish into the sink; you should wash it imediatley. Also if you or someone were in the living room all day and it is now messy. It’s best to clean up the mess when they are gone.



6. Keep away distractions

This is pretty simple; if you are someone who has a hard time keeping focus, then it’s best to put away any distractions if you are trying to clean your home. The biggest distraction you can have is most likely your phone; so you should put it away until you are finished cleaning. This does not mean you can’t listen to music or use the TV as background noise.



7. Setting  a timer will help

A timer will help because it will keep reminding you that you need to clean. It’s also one of the best ways to speed clean your home. I will now show you some timers to set when cleaning different areas in your home.

  • Kitchen- 15-30 minutes
  • Living room-  20 minutes
  • Bedroom- 10-15 minutes
  • Basement- 30 minutes
  • Attic- 30 minutes
  • Bathroom- 15 minutes
  • Deck/patio- 12 minutes



8. Think about having visitor

Thinking about having a possible visitor showing up at any time did help get me motivated to clean because in my mind I was thinking “ what if someone sees my home in this condition?”. So if you are not feeling motivated to clean your home just think about a family or friend just randomly showing up to your home.



9.  Start cleaning more often

You might be asking how is this going to help someone get motivated to clean their homes but if you think about it; the main reason why a lot of people including myself wasn’t motivated to clean is that the house is so messy that we don’t even know where to start. So if you have been cleaning your home frequently then it won’t feel hard to deep clean because the only thing you might have to do is vacuum the floors and declutter.



I hope this article gave you the motivation to clean your home.



How to clean up vomit immediately

Cleaning vomit can be kinda disgusting and hard at the same time. But I will now show you some steps needed to clean away vomit stains immediately.


Things you’ll need:

  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Spoon
  • Small trash bag


Baking soda method


Step 1. Scoop up the puke with the spoon

As disgusting as this might be, it is something that has to be done. I recommend that you use a disposable spoon as they are cheap and disposing of them won’t be an issue. After scooping up the vomit place it into a small trash bag. Scooping up the puke will make the rest of the cleaning process really easy.


Step 2.  Pour warm water all over the vomit stained area

Just get pour some warm water on the vomit-stained area. The reason why you should do this is that the warm water will loosen some of the puke stains off of the carpet making it easier to clean.


Step 3. Sprinkle baking soda all over the vomit stained area

Sprinkling baking soda all over the vomit stain will deodorize and clean that part of the carpet. Let the baking soda sit on the carpet for an hour.


Step 4. Use a clean cloth

Use a clean cloth to gently brush away the vomit stain and the baking soda residue. Doing this will also loosen up the vomit stains.


Step 5. Vacuum the baking soda residue

All you have to do is just vacuum away all the baking soda and puke residue. If you are worried about getting puke stains inside of your vacuum well don’t because the baking soda should’ve already made the vomit stains dry up. And you can just empty the vacuum after using it.


After following these steps your carpet should be clean but there is another type of vomit stain that I’ll show you how to clean.



How to clean up dried vomit stain from carpet


Dried-up vomit stains are way easier to clean. This is because you don’t have to scoop up anything or sprinkle baking soda onto it.

I will now show you how to clean dried-up vomit stains from your carpet.



Vinegar method

  1. Pour around 1 cup of vinegar onto the vomit stain
  2. Squeeze 1 drop of dish soap onto the stain.
  3. Use a scrubbing brush and gently scrub away the vomit stain.
  4. Pour 1 cup of warm water onto the stained area and use a clean cloth to wipe it.


These are definitely the best ways to remove vomit stains from your carpet.

We usually clean a lot of things in our homes, especially in our kitchens but there’s one thing that most people usually overlook and that is the sink. Normally sinks aren’t usually hard to clean but sometimes they can get some tough stains on them even the ones made out of stainless steel. In this article, I will show you how to clean your stainless steel sink and make it look brand new again.



What causes your stainless steel sink to have stains on it?

Normally it is really hard to make anything made out of stainless steel to have stains on them but something like water and soap can stain them pretty easily. This is bad for sinks because they constantly have water and soap running on them all the time and this can cause your sink to have soap stains and hard water stains.

I will now show you a couple of ways to clean your stainless steel sink



Use vinegar

Vinegar is good at removing Hard water and soap stains. To clean your sink with vinegar you need to do the following:

  1. Get a clean cloth and dip it in 1 cup of vinegar
  2. Use the cloth to clean the sink. Make sure to clean everywhere that had any stains on them.\
  3. After doing that rinse the cloth or use another damp one to wipe the sink again. Doing this will get rid of the vinegar smell.
  4. Then use another dry cloth to wipe the sink. It’s always good to do this because this will prevent any future hard water stains from building up.



Use baking soda

Baking soda is very good at cleaning and removing tough stains from anything. To clean your sink with baking soda just do the following:


  1. Sprinkle baking soda all over the sink. Make sure to sprinkle it on the hard water stains as well.
  2. Get a damp cleaning sponge and use it to scrub the sink with baking soda. Do this for around 2- 4 minutes.
  3. Optional- sprinkle some of the baking soda inside the disposal to freshen it up.
  4. Rinse the sink and use a dry cloth to wipe away the excess liquid.



Use dish soap

Anytime a write about cleaning anything I usually mention using dish soap. This is because most dish soaps are really good at cleaning, degreasing, and removing tough stains from anything. Now you might be saying “inst the reason why the sink is stained is that theres’ soap on it” and while that might be true; the only reason why the soap stained the sink was that it wasn’t cleaned up for a long time. The same thing can be said about water, water can be used to clean things but if there are water spills on something for a long time they will eventually become hard water stains.


Here is how to clean your sink with dish soap:

  1. Get a cleaning sponge and place it under running water.
  2. Then squeeze a few drops of dish soap onto the sponge and use it to scrub the sink.
  3. After scrubbing the sink, you should rinse away the soap and use a dry cloth to dry it.

Make sure that there isn’t any soap left on it.


Shine with olive oil

This method isn’t really about cleaning but mostly about renewing your sink. After a while, our sinks can look pretty old even if we clean them very often. There is no way to prevent this from happening but you can make them look new again by doing the following:

  1. Get a dry cloth and make sure to wipe away any moisture that’s inside the sink.
  2. Now pour a small amount (about 3-4 cork full) of olive oil on the cloth.
  3. Use the cloth to shine the sink.
  4. After doing that use a dry cloth to wipe away the excess oil from the sink.


After following the steps above your stainless steel sink should be looking brand new again.



Use lemons and baking soda

These are two of the best Stainless steel sink cleaner that is really affordable. We already know that baking soda is great for cleaning things but some of you might be wondering about the lemon. Well, lemons have citrus acids in them which is great for breaking down tough stains.


Steps for cleaning sink with lemon and baking soda:

  1. Sprinkle baking soda all over the sink
  2. Then cut a piece of lemon into two.
  3. Now use one side of the lemon to scrub the sink with the baking soda
  4. After doing this you should rinse out the sink and dry it.



 Things to avoid


Don’t let soap and water dry on the sink

I mentioned this earlier, but soap and water can dry up and create stains on your sink. The best way to prevent hard water and soap stains from appearing on your sink is to rinse and dry your sink every time you are finished using it.


Don’t use steel wool to clean it

Steel wool will damage the sink because it will scrape/scratch it which will ruin its appearance. So if you want to clean your sink it’s best to use a sponge or cloth instead.


Avoid scraping and cutting your sink

This should be something that everyone knows but you would be surprised to find out how many people use knives and other sharp things on their sinks. This is something you should avoid doing because this will scrape and scratch your sink.


Toilets aren’t usually hard to clean but when they are stained, this can be a problem. But don’t worry because this article will show you how to clean a really stained toilet.

What causes toilet stains?

There are many things that cause toilet stains such as the following:

  • Calcium build-up
  • Rust
  • Mold stains

These stains can be hard to remove after a while so that is why I will be showing you some easy ways on how to get rid of them.


How to clean a stained toilet bowl?


Use vinegar and baking soda

Vinegar and baking soda are the best combinations to use when cleaning anything. So Mixing these two together will create the best cleaner for a stained toilet bowl. Yes, you heard that right, no need for purchasing expensive products that might damage your toilet. Baking soda and vinegar are completely safe to use.


To clean your toilet with baking soda and vinegar just do the following:

  1. Pour a few cups of vinegar inside the toilet (make sure you pour it on the side of the bowl) and let it sit there for around 2-3 minutes.
  2. Then sprinkle a few spoons of baking soda into the bowl and use your toilet brush to scrub the bowl. Make sure to scrub the stains.
  3. Make sure to let both the vinegar and baking soda mixture sit in the toilet for 30-45 minutes. Doing this will make cleaning the toilet ring way easier.
  4. After that use, the toilet brushes and clean inside the toilet again.
  5. Now flush the toilet to rinse it.


Use dawn dish soap

For a product that’s mostly used for cleaning kitchen items such as plates, utensils, and pots, dawn dish soap is surprisingly good at cleaning and removing tough stains from other things including your toilet. One of the hardest parts about cleaning a toilet is the tough stains that feel impossible to remove but with dawn dish soap removing them should be a breeze.


To clean your toilet with dawn dish soap just follow these steps:

  1. Squeeze a few drops of dawn dish soap inside of the toilet.
  2. Pour 1-2 cups of boiling hot water into the toilet as well.
  3. Use a toilet brush to scrub the ring stains that are inside of it.
  4. Then let the dish soap sit in the toilet for around an hour.
  5. Now use the toilet brush and scrub the toilet once more and then flush it.



Clean inside the toilet with borax

Borax is mostly used for laundry but it’s an excellent product to use when you want to remove stains out of something. This option will be similar to the first one minus the vinegar.

To remove stains out of your toilet all you have to do is:

  1. Sprinkle a few cups of borax into the toilet bowl. Make sure that you sprinkle it on the stains and on the sides of the toilet (inside).
  2. Pour 1-2 cups of boiling hot water into the toilet. The reason why you want it to be boiling hot is that it will make getting rid of the stains much easier.
  3. Use a scrubbing brush or cleaning cloth to scrub away the stains. Keep doing this for around 2-5 minutes. If you are using cloth make sure to wear gloves.
  4. Now flush the toilet.

Use bleach

A lot of people don’t like to use bleach when cleaning a lot of things which is weird but understandable. While bleach may have great cleaning capabilities especially when it comes on to removing really tough stains; it is somewhat harmful to some people. This is why you need to wear protective gears when using bleach and by protective gears, I don’t mean something equivalent to a hazmat suit but things such as gloves, facemask, and protective eyewear. That’s all you need to wear. But don’t let this scare you from using bleach because there are a lot of people who use it with only wearing a face mask.


To clean your toilet with bleach you need to:

  1. Pour some of the bleach inside of the toilet.
  2. Then let it sit in there for around 40 minutes.
  3. (optional) then add a few drops of any dish soap into it.
  4. Now use a cleaning brush to scrub inside the toilet.
  5. After scrubbing inside the toilet, just flush it to rinse clean it.


After doing this it’s best to keep the toilet seat up and also leave the bathroom door open so that the bleach smell can go away.

Use pumice stone

Pumice stones are a great way to remove tough stains from your toilet because they are harder than a bristle brush but soft enough to not damage your toilet.


Here are the steps required to clean your toilet with a pumice stone:

  1. Make sure the pumice stone is wet
  2. Use the stone to lightly scrape away the toilet stains. Doing this does not require your full strength.
  3. After you are finished cleaning the toilet with the pumice stone, it’s best to throw it away. Some people usually flush them as they don’t mess with the sewer system but I like to be careful so I throw the ones that I’m finished using inside the trash can.



Use coco-cola or Pepsi

This might be the weirdest option in this article but trust me it is really effective. A lot of people have tried and it worked for them. It’s also best if you use cola from the can or bottle and not the ones you got from a fast food place like McDonald’s, this is because the colas at fast-food areas are usually less acidic compared to the ones that in the bottle or can.


For this method to work just do the following:

  1. Pour the cola inside of the toilet.
  2. Let the cola sit in the toilet for 1-2 hours
  3. Now sprinkle a tiny amount of baking soda and squeeze a few drops of dish soap into it.
  4. Now use a toilet cleaning brush to scrub away the stains. This should be easy as the acids in the cola will help to break down the stains making them easy to remove.
  5. After doing that just flush the toilet.



Is it safe to use leave-in toilet cleaners?

While most leave-in toilet cleaners will definitely get rid of the stains inside the toilet, they will also damage the toilet over time. SO it’s best to not use them very often and instead try using the methods that I mentioned above.


How often should I clean my toilet?

It’s best to clean your toilet once a week or every two weeks as this will help to prevent limescale build-up inside of it.


Everyone knows that quartz countertops usually look very beautiful. They also bring out the beauty in your kitchen as well. But when they get dirty this can be an issue.


The regular way to clean a quartz countertop

I will now show you the steps needed to clean a quartz countertop. These steps will guide you and show you the normal way to clean your countertops.



Step 1- wipe the countertop with dawn dish soap

Dawn dish soap is a very good dish soap to use. In fact, it is my favorite because it’s great at both degreasing and cleaning. For this step, all you have to do is get a wet cleaning rag soaked with warm water (make sure to squeeze out the excess water). Then squeeze a drop of dawn dish soap onto the rag and use it to wipe down the quartz countertop. After wiping down the countertop be used to dry it then move on to the next step.


Step 2-  remove gunk by scraping them away

This is a very simple step. The only thing you have to do is use a putty knife to scrape off the gunk that’s on the countertop. You might be wondering why do you need to do this step if you’ve already done the first one. Well, this is because the first step was only to clean the overall surface of the countertop while this step focuses on removing the gunk that the dish soap and rag couldn’t get rid of.

Also, remember to be careful when scraping your quartz countertop because you don’t want to cause any scratches.


Step 3- spray the countertop with disinfectant spray

This step may seem like an odd step but trust me it is very much needed. So in the step above you mostly scraped off gunk which means that your countertop might still have some small gunk particles left-back so it’s best to use a Lysol disinfectant spray to spray the entire countertop and then use a clean rag to wipe it. Doing this will both clean and make your quartz countertop smell good.


Step 4- Clean the countertop with a degreaser (optional)

This is an optional step which means you don’t have to do it. But if you want to know how to decrease your countertop then you can still follow this step. Before doing anything, you have to makeTHe first thing you want to do is find a degreaser, you can use this one or buy one at your local store/supermarket. The next thing you should do is spray the countertop with the degreaser and use a damp cleaning cloth or sponge to wipe/scrub it. Doing this will get rid of the grease from your quartz countertop which will make it look nice and beautiful again.



How to remove stains from quartz countertop

Overtime our countertops might have a lot of stains on them, especially food stains such as ketchup, mustard, etc, but in most cases, they aren’t hard to clean but cleaning stains from a quartz countertop is something you need to do as soon as any spills that might form stains happen because letting the stain form on quartz can ruin the look and also damage the stained area of the countertop.

I will now show you the steps needed to remove stains from a quartz countertop.



Step 1 – use goo gone

Goo Gone is great for cleaning and removing stains. So it makes sense to use it to remove tough stains from your quartz countertop. When cleaning the countertop make sure to use a cleaning rag and gently scrub the surface. After doing this the stains will either be gone or look faded away. If they look like they are fading away then you can repeat this step or move on to the next one.


Step 2-  clean it with rubbing alcohol

Get a wet microfiber cleaning cloth and pour a little rubbing alcohol onto it. Then use the cloth to clean the quartz countertop stains. Make sure to scrub the stains until they disappear. If the stains are still visible then move on to the final step

If you are interested in some other ways you can use rubbing alcohol then click here.


Step 3- spray with glass cleaner

This might seem a little weird but it is very effective. All you have to do is spray the glass cleaner on the stains and use a non-abrasive sponge to scrub them away. The stains should finally disappear as you’ve completed all the steps.


Step 5- dry it with a paper towel or microfiber cloth

After removing the stains from your countertop make sure to use a dry microfiber cloth or paper towel to dry it.



How to prevent quartz countertops from being damaged and getting too dirty

Great job you’ve most likely finished cleaning your quartz countertop but here are some things you need to know to prevent your countertop from getting too dirty and being damaged.



Clean your quartz countertops regularly

This is very simple, all you need to do is set specific dates on when you are going to clean your countertop. I usually clean mine every two weeks with Lysol disinfectant spray and a microfiber cloth but you can use whatever works best for you (avoid using harsh chemicals).


Always clean up spills

Always make sure to clean spills when they just happened. If you leave any spill on the quartz countertop for a couple of days or up to a week, the material starts to look a bit damaged.


Avoid cutting it

When cutting anything make sure to use a cutting board and not your countertop. This tip should be used not only for quartz but any countertop you have.


Avoid heat

When I say avoid exposing your quartz countertop to heat I don’t mean natural warm temperatures. What I mean is that you should avoid placing hot things such as pots and pans or any other hot things beside or on the quartz. This is because the resin that is used to make quartz is plastic which means if it is exposed to too much heat it can begin to melt which will damage the countertop.



A clean good looking quartz countertop can really brighten the look of your kitchen so be sure to know how to clean them and avoid damaging them.




This is an issue that a surprising amount of people seem to have and let’s be honest no one wants to drive a car that’s filled with ants. So in this article, I will show you how to get rid of ants in your car and also how to prevent them from entering.



Why are there ants in your car?

Ants usually look for food and water and they do this by finding scents. Oftentimes people usually park over ant nests and sometimes the vehicle and be filled with a lot of leftover food and garbage. So the ants will smell the food directly above them and try to look for it. So this is why they are in your vehicle.



Different types of ants

Before you do anything, the best thing to do is to find out what type of ants you are dealing with. The crazy ants or carpenter ants are usually the ones inside of cars searching for food, but it’s not uncommon if you see other species of ants doing the same thing.



Can ants damage a car?

The answer for this is a bit tricky because most times ants will bite humans but it usually isn’t fatal, you’ll only feel a sting that lasts for a couple of seconds. But there are some ants ( red ants, carpenter ants, and fire ants)  that usually bite on wood, tires, and also foam.



How to get rid of ants in your car



Clean inside the car


Remove trash

 This is one of the best ways to prevent ants from entering your vehicle. If you have a lot of trash in your car you are just asking for an ant infestation. What’s worse is that the ants may be less of you issue if cockroaches start to infest it as well. So you have to make sure that you remove any trash you see that’s inside or outside the vehicle. The right way to remove all trash from your car is to dispose of things such as snack bags, drink cups, any open food bags, etc. If you even have non-food-related garbage in your car you should still dispose of them.



 Vacuuming the interior of your car is a must if you don’t want an ant infestation. You might be wondering why is it important to vacuum inside your vehicle? Well, it’s important because many times when we eat inside of our cars, the crumbs from the food usually get spread all over. Some of the places where the crumbs are usually are are the seats, under the seats, on the floor, under the car mat, between the seats, and the door crevices. You may find food crumbs and other things in other areas of the car but that’s where they usually are. So make sure you use a powerful portable vacuum to get rid of all the small dirt particles and the food crumbs from inside your car. Doing this will make the inside of your car way cleaner than before.



Wash the car mats 

You might be wondering if there’s a point in washing the car mats if you’ve already picked up all the trash and vacuum everywhere inside the car; and trust me it is necessary to do so because sometimes when we have a drink inside of our vehicle, the drink can spill on our car mats and this will attract ants inside your car.

When washing your car mats you have to fill a bucket with water and dish soap and use a brush or a sponge to clean them. You can also just use a hose and wash them. After washing the mats you need to let them air dry. After letting them air dry place them back inside of the car.



Clean tires

Cleaning tires may seem like an odd way to prevent ants from entering your vehicle but most times it’s necessary to do so. The reason is that that’s where most of the ants usually climb to enter the car. So a good way to clean your car tires is to chemically treat them so that the ants will refuse to climb them. You can use insect repellant and spray the car tires, just make sure that the chemicals that you are using arent too strong and won’t damage the tires or anywhere else on the car.



Places to check-in car

Now before we get rid of the ants we have to know where their hiding spots are. The thing is about ants is that they are so small, that anywhere in your car could be their hiding spot. But some places you should search are under the seats, under the mats, the door frame, wheels, the trunk, etc. Ants usually hide in a bunch of different places so I will now show you how to get rid of them.



Getting rid of the ants

The best way to get rid of ants in your car or home is to use bait or pesticides. These are a  great way not only to draw out ants but also to kill them. There are two types of baits and pesticides you can use. You can either use natural ones or non-natural ones. I will show you how to use both of them.





Using regular ant killer bait

 You can find these baits and traps in your local supermarket or online. After finding the one that you are going to use place it in your car and wait for the ants to get caught. Keep doing this every day until all the ants that are in your car are gone.


Use ant spray

 Ant sprays are a good way to get rid of ants but the only problem with them is that you have to wear a mask and the only effective method of killing the ants is to spray when you see them. You don’t always have to spray the ants as you see them, you can also spray places like under the seats, trunk, etc. Don’t spray directly onto the seats as the fabric will absorb the spray and this can be toxic to children, pets, and even adults as well. So to avoid any issues make sure to open your car for a couple of hours after spraying inside. You should also clean the seats and other areas as well.




Dawn dish soap

 Natural products are usually safer to use so you don’t have to worry about wearing gloves and a face mask. One of the best natural ant killer/repellants you can use is dawn dish soap. Now if you have seen my other articles you’ll know that I talk about dawn dish soap a lot and this is because it has so many uses. You can use it to clean your dishes, toilet, bathtub and now you can use it as an ant killer.

The reason why dawn dish soap works well as an ant killer is because it breaks down the ant’s exoskeleton by removing the lipids that will eventually make them dehydrated. This will also make most ants drown instead of floating on water.

The best dawn dish soap to use is the blue one. I don’t know if the other ones are all made the same but the blue dawn is the one that I see most people using when they are getting rid of ants.

To make your own ant killer with dawn dish soap your need to mix 2 cups of warm water, 4tbsp of dawn dish soap, 1tsp of salt into a spray bottle. Now spray the mixture directly onto the ants when you see them in your car.

After spraying the ants and getting rid of them. It is now time to clean the car. All you have to do is wipe away the soap that was sprayed inside the car, then use a dry cloth to dry the area. It’s best to do this because if you let the moisture sit in the car for too long it will later cause mold/mildew to form from it.


Essential oils

 To some people, this may come as a surprise but you can actually use essential oils as a way to repel ants and other insects. Essential oils have many uses some are more believable than others but this one can actually be trusted.

Most essential oils have an aroma that causes most insects to keep away.



 Borax is not only good for laundry, because it has so many other uses. The crazy thing about borax is that most people don’t really know about the other uses it has. You can use it to clean a lot of areas around your home and in this case, you can also use it as an ant killer.

To use borax as an ant killer you need to get a small bowl or container and add 2 cups of borax and mix it with a lot of sugar, preferably brown sugar. After mixing them together place the container inside the car. You can place multiple containers of the mixture in different areas of the vehicle if you want to. Now wait as the smell of the sugar will attract the ants and the borax will kill them when they start eating. It might take some time for the borax to kill them.

If you are interested in some other ways you can use borax then click here.



 Did you know that you could use vinegar to kill and repel ants? Well, now you know. Vinegar is a cheap yet effective ant killer and repellant. To kill ants with vinegar you first need to mix vinegar with equal parts warm water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. You can even add a little dish soap as well. Then spray the ants as soon as you see them. If the ants won’t come out you can use a piece of a candy bar to bait them out.

To repel the ants with vinegar you need to spray the tires with vinegar and also place vinegar-soaked cotton balls around inside of your car.


Boric acid

 Before you use boric acid make sure to wear a face mask and gloves. To kill ants with boric acid you need to mix together 1-2 cups of boric acid, 5tbsp of salt, and 2 cups of brown sugar and place the mixture into an open container. Now place the container inside of your car and then all you have to do is wait until the boric acid kills the ants. Now you won’t have to worry about the ants inside your vehicle.



How to prevent ants from entering your car

While getting rid of the ants is a good thing, you still have to think about where they’re coming from and why are they inside your vehicle. I will now show you some ways how you can prevent ants from entering your car.



Clean car regularly

 This is probably the main reason why you have ants in your vehicle. Ants like places where there is a lot of food and junk and when your car is filled with this, they will be attracted to the smell and want to enter your vehicle. Remember that ants are really small so they can fit through in almost any tight holes and crevices. What’s even worse is that ants aren’t the only thing you should be worried about if the inside of your car is very filthy. Cockroaches and other pests such as small mice will try to sneak into your vehicle if they smell a lot of food in it.

When cleaning your car it’s best to start by getting rid of the food crumbs you see. Most of the food crumbs are usually from chips, bread, sandwiches, cakes, and pastries. Food crumbs are usually under your seats, on the dashboard, in between the seats, on the floor, and under the car mat. Make sure to use a vacuum to remove all of them.

After getting rid of all the food crumbs be sure to wipe down the dashboard as well. Sometimes sweet substances usually stick to the dashboard so you have to make sure to always clean it. When cleaning your dashboard you have to use a disinfectant, such as a Lysol disinfectant spray/wipes, or a liquid disinfectant such as fabuloso.

Also, be sure to clean your car mats. This is because car mats are one of the dirtiest things in the car apart from the seats. Not only that but cleaning your car mats will get rid of the dead ants and eggs that have been on it. When cleaning the car mats be sure to use a citrus soap. This will repel any remaining ants in the vehicle. After washing the car seats let them air dry.

Now it’s time to wipe down the car doors and seats with a citrus spray. Not only will this repel ants away from your car it‘s also a great way to clean it and make it smell way better than before.



Change parking spots

If you did everything I told you to do but ants are still infesting your vehicle then it might be time to change parking spots. After doing this be sure to spray the car wheels with ant repellant so that the smell can discourage them from wanting to enter your vehicle. If you don’t have ant repellant you can spray the wheels with vinegar or essential oils instead.



Destroy nearby nests 

While ants are usually attracted to food and the filth that was probably in your car was one of the reasons why they were infesting it. The problem is still not over, even if you did every method I listed in this article. Most times when the car is directly parked over an ant nest, it can be a big issue because now they are so close to the car, that they can even smell almost any food from inside.


So the first thing you need to do is move your vehicle and now it’s time to take out the ant nest. When dealing with an ant nest you have to be careful because they will try to attack you in self-defense so it’s best to wear shoes and pants. You should also wear a face mask and gloves because you’ll be handling ant killer products which can be somewhat harmful to humans if you arent using them carefully. If you are using a spray then be sure to spray the ant nest directly and also every ant as well. The good thing is they will be evading in a large group so it will be easy to eliminate them. If you cant see them then it’s best to place baits near the nest. Doing this will definitely poison them.



Contact pest control services

While all the methods I listed throughout this article should work for a lot of people, it still might not work for some maybe because the issue is overwhelming.

If this is the case then you don’t have to worry because all you have to do is go on google and search for pest control services near you and you’ll find tons of them willing to help for a fee.



In this article, I told you some effective ways how to get rid of ants in your car. The reason why I made this was that I know a lot of people go through this same issue. So be sure to clean the inside of your car regularly and dispose of any trash you see in it.







If you are wondering why your earrings are dirty this might be because you haven’t been cleaning them too often. This is something you want to avoid because the less you clean your earrings the more gunk starts to build upon them. This gunk usually has a bad smell. In this article, I will show you how to clean your earrings using these 8 amazing hacks.



What is the gunk that builds up on earings called?

That smelly gunky stuff that builds on the back of your earrings is called smegma. In the absence of washing or exposure to air, it forms when something is in contact with the skin for a long period of time. In order to prevent this, be sure to take your earrings out every day and wash your lobes.



How to clean earrings

To clean your earrings properly I will show you 9 hacks you can use. After using these hacks to clean your earrings they will be way cleaner than before. They will also be no more gunk on them.



Clean them with vinegar

using vinegar to clean earrings in a dishDid you know that you can use vinegar as an earring cleaner? Well, now you know. Vinegar can be used to clean a lot of things. But before you clean your earrings with vinegar remember to do research to see if your type of earrings can be cleaned with vinegar.


To clean your earrings with vinegar all you have to do is pour 1-2 cups of vinegar into a mason jar and place the earrings inside of it. Now let them soak for 2-3 hours before taking them out. The reason why you should let them soak for this long is that doing this will get rid of all the dirt, grime, and gunk that was on them. After letting them soak, it is now time to take them out and use a clean damp microfiber cloth to wipe them. Doing this will get rid of the vinegar smell. After wiping them place them somewhere to dry.



Use dish soap

Dish soap is great for cleaning earrings as well, especially diamond earrings. I will know you show you how to clean your diamond earrings with dish soap. To clean your diamond earrings with dish soap you have to mix together 2-3 drops of dish soap and 2 cups of warm water. Then wait for the water to cool down and dip a toothbrush into it. Now use the toothbrush to gently scrub away the dirt and grime that’s on the earrings. You can also soak the earrings inside the solution as well. Soaking them will get rid of the gunk that was on the earrings. After doing this use a let them soak in a different container of water, then dry them with a paper towel or a clean microfiber cloth.

You can also use a jewelry cleaning pen to clean your earrings.



Wipe Earrings with a microfiber cloth

cleaning an earring with a clothMicrofiber cloths are a must to have when cleaning things because they can clean almost anything without leaving behind thread residues. While most time these residues aren’t a big issue, they can still make things such as your earrings look old and ugly. A microfiber cloth will remove any grease or fingerprint marks that are on your earrings, it will also remove the black gunk that’s on it as well. To clean your earrings with a microfiber cloth all you have to do is place the cloth under running warm water and use it to wipe the earrings. That’s it! Now place the earrings somewhere where they can dry easily.



Let them sit in warm water

Earrings in a dish of warm waterThis is the simplest hack in this article. All you have to do is boil some water and then pour it out in a mug or mason jar. Then place the earrings in the water and let them soak for 30 minutes. After that, you should use a toothbrush to gently clean the earrings, then use a clean microfiber cloth to dry them. While this method is very simple it is not as effective as the previous hacks/methods.



Shine silver earrings with ketchup

ketchup about to be squeezed on earring to clean itOut of all of the hacks in the article, this one is the strangest one. But not because it is strange and weird doesn’t mean it is not effective. Ketchup can be used for a lot of surprising things and cleaning silver is one of them. If you are interested you can check out an article I made showing you 5 different ketchup cleaning hacks.

When cleaning your silver earrings with ketchup make sure to only clean the silver areas. If your earrings have diamonds in them then I recommend not to do this hack. after doing this you’ll realize that your silver earrings are way shiner than before.



Clean with silver wipes

If you don’t want to use ketchup then your can use Silver wipes. Silver wipes are another great way to clean your silver earrings. You can get these on Amazon for a reasonable price. These aren’t only good at cleaning earrings, they can also clean any silver material such as utensils and jewelry. The formula used to make these wipes aren’t strong enough to damage your earrings but strong enough to clean and make them shiny.



Use hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another great earring cleaner. Not only will hydrogen peroxide clean your earrings it will also disinfect them as well making you less likely to get an ear infection. To clean your earrings with hydrogen peroxide; pour a little dab of hydrogen peroxide on a microfiber cloth and use it to clean all over the earrings.

Another way to clean your earrings with hydrogen peroxide is to get a container and pour 1 cup of peroxide into it. Then place the earrings in the hydrogen peroxide for 6 minutes, then place them in a container of warm water for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes take them out and use a toothbrush and gently scrub away the grime that was on the earrings.



Use a toothpick to clean hard to reach areas

using a toothpick to clean an earringUsing a toothpick to clean earrings might seem odd at first but most earrings usually have a complex design with small crevices and holes. These holes usually have gunk inside of them and a regular cleaning cloth won’t get rid of them, so it’s best to use a toothpick to clean these hard-to-reach areas.




In this article, I showed you how to clean earrings with 8 different hacks. I hope this article was helpful.