Vacuuming a sofa is pretty simple, but be sure to get underneath the cushions as well ( this part gathers a lot of dust.)


Wipe sofa with Lysol wipes

You should only do this if you have a leather sofa. Also, be sure not to use any harmful chemicals on your sofa. So check the back of your disinfectant wipes before you use them on the sofa.


Wipe sofa with disinfectant

Only do this for leather sofas. Get a clean damp microfiber cloth and pour 1/2 cup of fabuloso disinfectant on it. Now use that to clean the sofa. This will make your sofa clean and smell great.


Spray sofa with Febreze

Simple; just spray the Febreze air freshener on the sofa to make it smell better.


Wash cushions covering

Only some sofas allow you to remove the cushion covering. So if yours does. Just remove them and wash them in the washer. Remember not to use any strong chemicals such as bleach.

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