A lot of outdoorsy types of people love the smell of a campfire. Whether it reminds you of the outside or food, you cannot deny that it is a somewhat pleasant smell; unless it’s on your clothes. Sure campfire smell might be nice but no one wants their clothes to smell like that. This burnt smell is a bit harder to get out, than you might think, but don’t worry I will show you how to get rid of campfire smell from your clothing using 4 simple but effective methods.




Use baking soda

Using baking soda is a great way of deodorizing anything whether it’s drains, fabric, etc. It can even remove the worst scent from any clothes. To remove the campfire smell of your clothes you need to place the clothes into the washer (only the ones that smell) and add your favorite laundry detergent and half a cup of baking soda. Now wash the clothes regularly.




White distilled vinegar

This is another product that’s surprisingly good at deodorizing. What makes vinegar so good is the fact that you can use it for cleaning or for food, and also because it’s very inexpensive. You can get a bottle of vinegar at almost any local supermarket or even online.

To clean your campfire clothes with vinegar you first need to place the clothes into the washer and add laundry detergent then add 1 cup of vinegar into it as well. After washing the clothes they will no longer have the scent of a campfire on them. If the clothes now smell like vinegar, all you have to do is give them a second wash (without using the vinegar).




Warm water

Warm or hot water will definitely remove a lot of odors from clothes since it opens up cloth fibers. To remove any bad odor from your clothes using warm water, you’ll need to place the clothes into a large bucket and fill it up with hot water. Then let them soak for an hour before placing them inside the washer.





This is the simplest method in this article. To do this you’ll just need to place your clothes directly under the sunlight whether you hang them or lay them down on a flat surface. After doing that you’ll need to place them in the washer.




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