Trying to organize a closet can be difficult at times. Mostly because you might not know where to start. And also there are a lot of useful tricks you might not know as well. That’s why I’ve put together this quick and easy closet organization guide. I know that these closet organizing tips and tricks will help you out a lot.



1. Get a cheap drawer cart

Get a cheap drawer cart for items such as socks and other small items, you hardly use but you know you need. For example, fold and put the sucks in the top drawer and the rest in the other drawers.



2. Overdoor shoe rack

An overdoor shoe rack is very cheap and using it will make you have way more space in your closet. You can put a lot of shoes on it without using up a lot of space. You can find it here, but feel free to look for better deals.



3. Fold clothing the right way

You will realize that when you stuff clothing in the drawers without folding them properly, they will take up more space than usual. Be sure to fold your clothes neatly when you are about to put them in the drawers.



4. Use a coat and hat rack for more space in the closet

If you are a person who has a lot of coats and hats, this will come in handy especially if you are trying to organize your closet. You can get one here.



5. Hang your clothes and other stuff in groups

Doing this helps is probably one of the best ways to organize your closet. All you have to is put stuff that are alike together. You can make it simple by hanging all jackets together or you can do it based on color for example if you have a lot of different color belts you can try to put all the matching colors together.



6. Make more drawer space by doing this

To make inside your drawers more organized. You are going to need some cardboard to do so. You can learn how to make this DIY drawer organizer here.



7.Use double racks for less space

For this you are going to need a small double or single holed object to go over the hanger rack’s head like a can pull tab. If you are using a single holed object try to make sure both hanger rack heads can fit through it. It’s best to place the holed object over the first rack’s head, then place the second hanger rack head through the holed object. Now you can hang double the clothes for less space.

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