Baseboards can be very hard to clean because they gather a lot of dust on them. But don’t worry because I will show you an easier way on how to clean them. Get a damp microfiber cloth and squeeze 1 tbsp of dish soap on it. Then use the cloth to wipe the baseboards(be sure not to scrub). After that be sure to wipe again with a dry cloth.



The reason why I listed the stove on here is because stoves usually get dirty very easily because we use them alot. The best way to clean your stove is to clean it with a cloth soaked with vinegar and squeeze a few drops of dish soap on it. Use it to scrub your stove.



Most people usually don’t clean their windows and mirrors because cleaning them will take too much time. Well, this might be true but it’s always better to clean them than to just let them gather dust and dirt etc. The best way to clean your bathroom mirror is to just leave a roll of paper towel on the countertop and glass cleaner on it too. You don’t have to clean your windows very often. You can only do this 2 a month if you want to.



A lot of people barely clean their shower curtains. But trust me if you don’t; after a while, they will start to smell; and you don’t want that. To clean your shoer curtains all you need do is just wash them in the washer and that’s it.



Cleaning dirty tiles can be a real pain. But all you have to do is get a small dish and mix 1 cup of vinegar, 2 cups of warm water, 3tbsp of dish soap, and 1 cup of baking soda.

After mixing these together dip a cleaning brush or cloth into the mixture and use it to scrub in between your tile floors. After doing that be sure to get rid of the mixture residue.

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