Cleaning pillows isn’t really complicated but cleaning bamboo pillows can be. Bamboo pillows are usually washed once or twice every year but people with sensitive skin might need to do it 4 times instead. In this article, I will show you how to wash bamboo pillows.


What are bamboo pillows?

Typically, bamboo pillows consist of memory foam or bamboo fiberfill encased in a woven outer cover made from bamboo fibers.

Most Bamboo pillows usually cost more than regular pillows and this is because they come with a number of benefits.


Steps on how to wash bamboo pillows

Now I am going to show you the steps needed to clean your bamboo pillows


Steps 1 Wash the pillowcases

 This step is very easy, all you have to do is remove the bamboo pillowcases from the pillows. Then place them In the washer. Make sure to wash the bamboo pillowcases with warm water (not hot or cold).


Step 2 Dry the pillowcases

When drying these types of pillowcases you should air dry them instead of using a dryer. This is because the heat from the dryer will damage the pillowcase. When air drying the pillowcases you should place them on a hanger rock and put them somewhere where there is a lot of air.


Step 3 Wash the pillows

There are two methods you can use to wash your pillows, the squeezing method, and the soaking method. For the first method, you need to get a large bucket filled with warm water and add 5tbsp of detergent. Make sure to use a detergent that doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it. Now place the pillow inside the bucket and squeeze it by pressing into it. Keep pressing/squeezing the pillows until both of them are fully clean.


For the second method, you need to place the pillow inside a large bucket filled with warm water and then add 5tbsp of detergent into it. Now place the pillow inside the bucket. Make sure every part of the pillow is being soaked. Now do the same for the other pillows and let them soak for a couple of hours.

I don’t recommend you to do the 2nd method unless your pillows are really dirty.


Step 4 Rinse the pillows

Now it’s time to rinse the pillows. When rinsing the pillows make sure to use warm water. Also, make sure to rinse the pillows multiple times until there is no more detergent in them.


Step 5 Dry the pillows

You can dry the pillows by exposing them to sunlight or just airdrying them.


Related Questions


How many times should you wash bamboo pillows?

It’s usually normal to wash bamboo pillows once or twice a year but if your skin is really sensitive then I recommend you to wash them 4 times instead.



Can you put bamboo pillows in the dryer?

Using a dryer to dry your bamboo pillows won’t nearly damage them but if you keep on doing it then over time the memory foam will start to get worn out.


Throughout this article, I showed you how to wash your bamboo pillows using some simple yet effective methods.




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