Ever wanted to make your own dryer sheets. Now that I think of it that might be a weird question to ask but trust me making them is very easy. Two benefits of making your own dryer sheet are that; they will save you a lot of money; two, they make your laundry smell way better than regular dryer sheets. This article will show you how to make your own affordable dryer sheets.


1. Gather Your Supplies:

    • Four sponges (preferably new and unused)
    • Fabric softener of your choice
    • A container with a tight-fitting lid (such as a plastic container or a glass jar)
    • Water
  1. Cut the Sponges:

    • Cut each sponge into smaller pieces. You can cut them into quarters or halves, depending on the size of your container.
  2. Prepare the Fabric Softener Solution:

    • Mix equal parts water and fabric softener in a bowl. For example, if you use 1 cup of water, add 1 cup of fabric softener.
    • Stir the mixture well to ensure it’s evenly combined.
  3. Soak the Sponges:

    • Place the sponge pieces into the container.
    • Pour the fabric softener solution over the sponges until they are fully submerged.
    • Let the sponges soak for a few hours or overnight. This allows them to absorb the fabric softener.
  4. Use the DIY Dryer Sheets:

    • When you’re ready to use a dryer sheet, wring out excess liquid from one of the sponges.
    • Toss the damp sponge into the dryer with your laundry.
    • The fabric softener in the sponge will release during the drying cycle, leaving your clothes soft and static-free.
  5. Reuse and Refresh:

    • After each use, return the sponge to the container.
    • When the fabric softener solution runs low, simply add more fabric softener and water to the container.

Remember, this homemade alternative is eco-friendly and cost-effective! Enjoy softer laundry without the need for disposable dryer sheets


Tada!! you now have your own dryer sheets. I told you making them would be easy.

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