When storing lettuce you can’t forget to clean it first. You don’t want your stored food to be unclean. Cleaning lettuce is rather easy. Just do the following.


First, you need to put the lettuce head in medium temp water (not too warm and not too cold). Then leave it there for 1 minute. Now all you have to do is to wash the lettuce in cold water.


Now place the lettuce in a lettuce spinner and let it dry for 2 mins. If you don’t have a lettuce spinner use a clean, dry kitchen cloth to dry the lettuce. If you don’t have a cloth use a paper towel instead.




When you are planning to store lettuce you need to be careful. Moisture can be a huge problem when it comes on to lettuce storing. Sometimes you might think that lettuce needs a little moisture but when you are going to store it you don’t need moisture. If you want to perverse your lettuce the right way just follow these tips.


First, you need to wrap the lettuce in a paper towel, this will remove the excess moisture. Then place the lettuce head in a plastic bag. Now Place the bag of lettuce in the refrigerator. To be safe I would probably double or triple up the bags so that the lettuce doesn’t get moist.


If you have shredded lettuce just rinse it off, dry it with a lettuce spinner or dry cloth. Then wrap the shredded lettuce in a paper towel. Then after doing that put shredded lettuce in a jar and refrigerate it.


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