How to keep home clean even with pets


Having a home with pets can be really fun but at the same time, it comes with many responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is cleaning. Cleaning a home filled with pets can be quite overwhelming at times but don’t worry, these short but useful methods will show you the best ways to clean inside your house when you have pets.



Remove pet hairs

Pet hairs can be annoying to deal with because it feels like there is an infinite amount of them. Well, today I am going to tell you the best ways to get rid of pets For this you need to go around your house and vacuum every pet hair you see. Pet hairs are usually found on the floors, sofa, and furniture. You also need to make sure you mop your floor as well.




The best way to clean pet urine on hard floors like tiles, and hardwood is to just use a lot of paper towels and wipe up the floor then pour some disinfectant on the floor and use a mop to clean the area that had the urine on it. If  the urine is on the carpet then you need to get the following things:


  • brush
  • Warm water
  • Dish soap
  • Best smelling disinfectant


Mix the dish soap and disinfectant in water and dip the sponge in it. Use the sponge to gently scrub the area where the urine was and let it air dry. This will get rid of any pet urine stain and smell that was in your house.



This used to be a big issue for me when I had pets especially dogs. After taking them for a walk or letting them out of the house and it’s time for them to come inside they usually get my tile floors messy. But Ive realized that the best way to clean way pet footprints, is to use a mop. I personally like to use a swiffer wetjet to do the job.



This tip might seem weird at first especially when you just want to know how to keep a home with pets clean, but trust me this is still useful. Usually, when you don’t clean your pets especially dogs, they start to smell really bad. This smell will make inside your house smell the same way too. So to avoid this all you got to do is clean your pets. Only do this once a month or once every two months. You should avoid over bathing your dogs as it will make their skin really dry and that will make them very uncomfortable.

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