In this article, I will show you how to get rid of roaches in car. I will also show you how to prevent cockroaches from getting into your car.


How and why do roaches get in your car?

Roaches like to sneak into small areas and because they have very tiny bodies they are able to do so easily. Your car has many small areas where roaches can fit through and this will cause a roach infestation inside your car. Now the reason why roaches live inside your vehicle is maybe that there is a lot of food inside of it. Roaches love places where there is food, shelter, and water, and most times when a car is very filthy it probably has a lot of food in it and maybe water as well. Now you might be saying “my car isn’t that filthy” and maybe it isn’t on the surface, but if you look into certain areas you’ll realize that there is a lot of food crumbs and other things that might be attracting roaches.


Dangers of having roaches in your car

One of the worst things about roaches is that they spread different types of bacteria. These bacteria can cause health problems. If you don’t do anything about the roaches in your vehicle they might lay eggs inside your car and that is one thing you don’t want to happen.


Where do they hide?

Cockroaches like to hide in very small and unexpected places such as under the car speakers, seats, ac vents, etc. So sometimes it’s best to bait them out with something then you kill them.

Now I am going to tell you some of the best ways on how to get rid of roaches in your car.


Some of The best ways to get rid of roaches in your car

I am now going to show you some incredible ways to get rid of roaches that are inside your car.


1. Clean inside the car by removing trash from it

Inspect your car to see if there is any garbage in it. By garbage, I mean things like leftover food, plastic, food bags, food crumbs, etc. Use your hand to pick up most; if not all the garbage that’s inside your car.


2. Use insecticide to kill the roaches

If you have a can of insect spray just spray it inside the areas you think the roaches are hiding. Be sure to wear a mask. You can also use bug bombs as well. After using them you need to air out your car. Doing this will help to get rid of the toxic fumes that most insecticides have. I also highly recommend that you don’t use your car for around 2-4 days.


WarningWhile those 2 methods are somewhat good. The cons outnumber the pros. First of all, using insecticides in your car isn’t a good idea because they are very toxic and it can take a while for the fumes to go out of your car. It’s also recommended that after you use them you have to steam clean (a steam cleaner can be very expensive) inside of your car. I personally would not try these 2 methods unless the roach infestation is very bad and I don’t have any other options.

Now I will show you a safer method on how to kill the roaches in your car.


3. Use Borax as bait

Borax is a great and safe household item to use. It’s not only great for laundry but it has tons of different uses as well. If you are interested in some of if its other uses then click here to get rid of roaches. But now I am going to tell you how you can use it to get rid of cockroaches that are inside your vehicle.

The first thing you need to do is mix together borax and something sweet like honey, sugar into multiple bottle caps or small dishes. You can also just sprinkle the borax where you think the roaches are hiding (under the seats, trunk, car floor, etc) and mix it with honey or sugar. Roaches love the sweet smell of food so this will attract them and after consuming the honey or the sugar they will eventually die because the borax acts as a poison to them.


4. Vacuum inside of the car

This method is similar to the first one but the difference is while the first one is about picking up garbage, this one is about just getting rid of much food crumbs as possible. If you eat a lot in your car then you will definitely have crumbs spilled somewhere whether it’s under the seats, between them, on your dashboard, or on your floors. To clean inside of your car with a vacuum is easy, all you need is a portable vacuum and clean the areas that I’ve just mentioned. Doing this will definitely get rid of the food crumbs that are in your car and it will also prevent roaches from showing up or make them want to leave.

The good thing about this is that you are not only getting rid of the food that’s in your vehicle but you are also cleaning it as well by getting rid of dust and dirt particles that were in it.


5. Get your car steam cleaned

I’ve mentioned before that you can get inside your car steam cleaned if you used any strong insecticide products in it. Even if you didn’t use any insecticide in your car you can still use a commercial steam cleaner to clean inside your car. As I’ve mentioned before in this article a lot of commercial steam cleaners are very expensive. This is one of the only cheaper ones that I’ve seen that have decent reviews about it “ McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner “.

Before you clean your car with a steam cleaner you still need to do the 1st, 3rd, and 4th methods I’ve listed.

Cleaning inside your car with a steam cleaner will help to keep roaches away.


I don’t recommend that you just buy a steam cleaner for only getting rid of roaches even if you think that the other methods won’t work (which most of them will). Now If you already had a commercial steam cleaner at home then it would be fine to use it since you won’t spend a ton of money.


How to prevent roaches from returning into your vehicle.

Throughout this post I’ve been telling you some ways on how to get rid of roaches in your car, but now I will tell you how to prevent them from showing up.


1. Avoid getting food crumbs on the floor and on the seats.

This is a common issue for a lot of people who eat a lot in their vehicles. Now I don’t want to tell you that you shouldn’t eat in your car because there isn’t a problem with that but you have to make sure that you immediately clean up the food crumbs with a portable vacuum or just spread a large towel over your body when you are eating. Food is probably the number one reason why roaches would want to be in your vehicle.


2. Close windows

If you are probably thinking “but everyone closes their vehicle windows” you can move on to the next method since this doesn’t really apply to you. Some people don’t really close their car windows fully which is weird and bad because it might be easier for car thieves to break-in. But sometimes a car can be old or it may have some issues going on with the windows which won’t allow them to shut completely. This will cause roaches to go inside your car especially if you have food inside of it.

If you cant fully shut your car windows I would suggest that you use some cardboard to block the windows.

3. Make sure not to store any food in the car

By this, I mean that you shouldn’t leave things like food bags and other food-related garbage in your car because you might think that there isn’t anything left in them but the roaches will know that there is food left for them to eat.  So it’s best to just get rid of any food bags and other garbage you might have laying around in your car.




So in this article is told you how to get rid of roaches in your car and also how to prevent them from showing up. Alot of these methods worked for other people so I hope it works for you as well.




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