A lot of people find it hard to clean nowadays, maybe because their homes are very hard to clean or maybe because they don’t really have the motivation to clean. I used to find it very hard to get motivated to clean because of different reasons. This is a bad thing because your entire house will start to look messy after a while. But I then came up with some tips that helped me get motivated to clean and I will now share them with you.



1. Create a schedule

Creating a schedule and a routine is one of the best ways to get cleaning. A lot of people usually have a hard time because they don’t know where to start but with a schedule, you can nowhere to start or you can pick the easiest room in your house to clean first.

You can choose whether to clean multiple rooms a day or just one.

Here is an example of a cleaning schedule you can use:


Cleaning schedule

  • Sunday- clean bathroom and bedroom
  • Monday- clean living room and kitchen
  • Tuesday- clean other bedrooms
  • Wednesday- clean basement
  • Thursday- Clean attic
  • Friday Clean Deck or Patio
  • Saturday- Free day


Now, this is just an example, you can create your own if you feel like it’s going to help more. Also, this cleaning schedule inst meant to be done every day of the week for the whole year, after completing the first 7 days of this cleaning schedule you don’t have to worry about cleaning places such as the attic, basement, deck, and patio for a while. These places are usually cleaned every other month.



2. Listen to music or turn on the TV

When I’m busy doing something that takes a lot of physical work I usually just turn on the TV as background noise or listen to music. Listening to music while working can help you be more productive, especially if it’s calm and relaxing. I personally listen to lofi music, but sometimes I will listen to more energizing songs when I’m cleaning.

Music also takes your mind off of what you are doing.



3. Start off small

You might wonder what do I mean by starting off small. What I mean is that you should only focus on cleaning in small portions. A lot of people think that when they are cleaning they should clean everything at once. While this may work best for some people; other people including myself would get overwhelmed doing this. So when cleaning its best to start off by just cleaning your room or bathroom, then the other day you clean somewhere else. Within a week your whole home will be looking clean again, which is good because you didn’t have to spend too much time and energy cleaning everywhere at once.



4.  You don’t have to deep clean

Most people think that when they are cleaning a specific room in their house they have to deep clean it. I’m just going to let you know right now that you don’t have to deep clean your home for it to look good. You can just focus on cleaning the tables and vacuuming the floor. The main thing that can make any room look messy is the things that are out of place, but once you put back those things where they belong and also get rid of the garbage then you’ll realize that the room wasn’t actually all that dirty.

If you want to deep clean a certain room in your house, you still don’t have to do it all at once. You can simply just start off by getting rid of the clutter and vacuuming, then maybe the next day you dust off the furniture.



5. Always clean up after yourself

Trust me doing this will make cleaning so much easier. When I say you should clean up after your self I mean that if you or anyone makes a mess you/they should immediately clean it up for example if you are finished eating something don’t just place the dish into the sink; you should wash it imediatley. Also if you or someone were in the living room all day and it is now messy. It’s best to clean up the mess when they are gone.



6. Keep away distractions

This is pretty simple; if you are someone who has a hard time keeping focus, then it’s best to put away any distractions if you are trying to clean your home. The biggest distraction you can have is most likely your phone; so you should put it away until you are finished cleaning. This does not mean you can’t listen to music or use the TV as background noise.



7. Setting  a timer will help

A timer will help because it will keep reminding you that you need to clean. It’s also one of the best ways to speed clean your home. I will now show you some timers to set when cleaning different areas in your home.

  • Kitchen- 15-30 minutes
  • Living room-  20 minutes
  • Bedroom- 10-15 minutes
  • Basement- 30 minutes
  • Attic- 30 minutes
  • Bathroom- 15 minutes
  • Deck/patio- 12 minutes



8. Think about having visitor

Thinking about having a possible visitor showing up at any time did help get me motivated to clean because in my mind I was thinking “ what if someone sees my home in this condition?”. So if you are not feeling motivated to clean your home just think about a family or friend just randomly showing up to your home.



9.  Start cleaning more often

You might be asking how is this going to help someone get motivated to clean their homes but if you think about it; the main reason why a lot of people including myself wasn’t motivated to clean is that the house is so messy that we don’t even know where to start. So if you have been cleaning your home frequently then it won’t feel hard to deep clean because the only thing you might have to do is vacuum the floors and declutter.



I hope this article gave you the motivation to clean your home.

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