Sometimes we might injure ourselves by accident and then the blood from the wound may drip onto certain areas such as the couch, bed, and the floors. Usually, blood isn’t hard to clean, because all you have to do is wipe it up; but when it drips onto some places such as the couch, bed, and especially the carpets, removing the stain can be really difficult. So that’s why today I am going to show you how to get blood out of your carpet using some simple methods.



How to get dried bloodstain out of carpet

There are two different types of bloodstain you should worry about and that is when it’s dry and when it’s fresh. Since dried blood stains are usually easier to deal with I am going to show you how to get rid of them first.

There are 4 methods I am going to show you and each of them are very useful on their own. However, if you realize that one of them inst working for you then all you have to do is try the next one or try all of them.



Method 1: Use hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is mostly used for treating open wounds but it also makes a great stain remover. Not only that but hydrogen peroxide have a lot of different household hacks and uses.

To clean away blood with hydrogen peroxide then all you have to do is pour some of the peroxides onto the blood-stained area on the carpet then pour some of it on a damp cleaning sponge. Now squeeze 2 drops of dawn dish soap onto the stained area. Then use the sponge to wipe away the blood from the carpet. The sponge will make it easier to absorb the blood.

After doing this there should no longer be any bloodstain on your carpet.



Method 2: Use vinegar and Baking soda

Vinegar and baking soda are one of the best cleaning mixtures. You can clean almost any surface when you mix these two together. So that’s why it’s best to use both of them to clean away the dried-up blood from your carpet.

To clean the dried up blood stain from your carpet with baking soda and vinegar you need to do the following steps:

  1. Get a bowl and mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 1-2 cups of vinegar
  2. Mix them together until they both form one substance.
  3. Pour 1 cup of diluted vinegar onto the blood-stained area. Pour less if there isn’t a lot of blood.
  4. Get a cleaning brush and dip the bristles into the baking soda and vinegar mixture and use it to scrub away the dried up blood from the carpet.



Method 3: Use oxi clean

To clean blood stains from the carpet with oxi clean stain remover, you need to mix it with warm water and let the mixture sit on the bloodstain for around 20-30 minutes. Then after doing that you need to get a dry cloth and use it to blot away the bloodstain. Keep doing this until the bloodstain is no longer visible. After doing that you should use a vacuum to get rid of the baking soda residue from the carpet.



Method 4: Use laundry detergent

Pour your favorite liquid laundry detergent onto the blood-stained area on the carper (make sure it doesn’t contain any bleach). Then use a damp cloth to scrub away the bloodstain.



How to get fresh blood out of carpet

Getting rid of dried-up blood from any carpet is a bit more simple compared to getting rid of fresh blood. The reason why removing fresh blood from a carpet is harder, is because it is still in its liquid making it easier to spread and also hard to scrub. But don’t worry just follow the steps below and you will realize that it’s much easier than you thought.



Step 1 Remove the excess blood

The main problem of removing fresh blood from a carpet is the liquid. It is hard to scrub away fresh blood because it will spread and cause more mess. So in order to clean it up, you have to get rid of the excess blood first. To do this you need to get a cloth and place it over the blood so that it can absorb it. You can also use a sponge to do this.



Step 2 Pour vinegar on the blood-stained area

Pour around 1/2 – 1 cup of vinegar onto the blood-stained area and let it sit there for a couple of minutes. After doing that squeeze a few drops of dawn dish soap onto the stain.



Step 3  Use a sponge to clean away the blood

Now use a sponge to scrub the blood away. Only scrub within the stain because you don’t want it to spread. Keep scrubbing until the stain disappears.

If the stain is still visible then it’s best to repeat all the steps including the first four methods.




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