Cleaning a monitor is way easier than you might think. However, there are some things you need to know and do before cleaning your monitor, especially the screen. But that’s why I’m here, in today’s article I will be showing you how to clean your monitor without damaging it.



Precautions before cleaning your monitor

When cleaning your monitor be sure not to use paper towels, pads, cloth towels, or anything rough, because using them on the monitor might scratch it. I also think it’s best to avoid using water and vinegar as well.

When cleaning a monitor you should use a microfiber cloth and a screen cleaner. Using a microfiber cloth instead of a regular one will clean your monitor screen without leaving behind any thread residue and scratches.



How to clean your monitor screen

To clean your monitor screen you need to follow these steps

1. Turn off the monitor

Turn off the monitor and disconnect all the cables. After disconnecting all the cables wait 15 – 30 minutes before you start to clean the monitor.


2. Dust off the monitor screen

Make sure to dust off the monitor screen before you start the cleaning process. You can use a regular duster or a dry microfiber cloth. It’s very important to dust off the monitor before cleaning it because if you clean the screen while dust particles are on it this can make it look really messy.


3. Spray cloth and clean monitor screen

Now it’s time to clean the monitor screen and it’s best to use a screen cleaner instead of water or vinegar. When cleaning any screen whether it’s a tv, phone or a monitor make sure not to spray the cleaner directly onto the screen. Doing this might cause the liquid to get into some creases of the electronic and this will cause some electrical issues. So it’s best to spray the microfiber cloth instead and use it to wipe the monitor screen.


4. Wipe the screen multiple times

If there are still stains and fingerprint marks on your monitor screen then it’s best to repeat the previous step over and over until the stains are gone.


How to clean other parts of the monitor

When cleaning other parts of the monitor you have to be even more careful, because places such as the back of the monitor usually have some creasers and holes that lead directly inside of the monitor and if any liquid gets into those areas, it can cause the monitor to stop working.

But don’t worry I am going to show you how to clean the other parts of your monitor without damaging it.



  1. Dust off the monitor
  2. Get a microfiber cloth and pour some rubbing alcohol onto it. Then squeeze out the excess liquid.
  3. Now use the cloth to wipe down every part of the monitor excluding the screen.




You see cleaning a monitor isn’t too hard. I hope you found this article useful and if you are interested in how to clean tv and phone screens then click here.




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