White gold is a popular choice when it comes on to jewelry so a lot of people have some sort of white gold jewelry in their homes whether if it is a chain, necklace, or ring.  . But sometimes they can get dirty. When this happens it can make them look ugly and old. But don’t worry in this article I will show you how to clean white gold.


Cleaning white gold jewelry

These steps will show you the best ways to polish white gold.

Step 1- You will need to gather your cleaning supplies. These include a small dish, dish soap, water, clean toothbrush or cloth. Before you start to clean you want to make sure that the jewelry is safe to clean. Sometimes cheaper white gold jewelry cant be cleaned by just using regular cleaning methods. If you want to know how safe it is to clean just do a quick google search and you’ll find out in no time.


Step 2- The next thing you should do is add just 1 squirt of dish soap into a small dish of room temperature water. Then place the white gold jewelry in it and let it sit in the water for 12 minutes. Don’t leave the jewelry inside the water for too long as this can damage it.


Step 3-  Use a toothbrush to gently scrub the white gold jewelry. Don’t scrub too hard or too long as you don’t want any scratches on it.


Step 4-  Now it’s time to rinse off the jewelry. Just place it under flowing water (warm water). When doing this you have to make sure that there isn’t any soap residue left on it. If there is residue on it this can make your white gold jewelry appearance look less bright brighter than before.


Step 5 – It is now time to dry the jewelry. It is important to use a soft microfiber cloth to do this. To dry your white gold jewelry properly just use one section of the cloth to dry it and another section (dry section) to shine it. This is the best way to clean white gold jewelry.


The steps that I have mentioned above are the best steps to take when cleaning any white gold jewelry. Now I will be answering some frequently searched up questions and show you some more cleaning/care tips you need to know.


How to clean white gold that has turned yellow?

When white gold turns yellow it’s usually a sign of age because the white gold color isn’t naturally achieved. White gold is made up of a mixture of white metals and pure gold and it usually has a rhodium coating. So if your white gold jewelry is turning yellow and you want to clean it the best thing to do is to just bring it to the jeweler that you bought it from. They will know what to do to restore its color.


Can you clean white gold with toothpaste?

I’ve been reading a bunch of articles recently about how to clean white gold jewelry and some of them were saying that toothpaste is a good way to clean white gold. But I don’t think cleaning white gold with toothpaste is a good idea. Because some toothpaste are very abrasive and they can wear down the jewelry and make it look awful and dull.

Best white gold cleaning product

I’m going to tell you two of the best products to use when you need to clean any white gold jewelry.

Dawn dish soap- “ Dawn is an American brand of dishwashing liquid owned by Procter & Gamble. … Besides being used for dishwashing purposes, Dawn products are also used to remove grease from other items, such as animal fat spilled onto highways, and oil on animals, such as during the Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon oil spills.” -Wikipedia

It is also great for cleaning white gold jewelry as well. Just make sure not to use too much.

Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes–  These jewelry wipes are great for cleaning white gold. You can use them to clean/polish your jewelry every month or two. You can buy these on amazon.

Some cleaning/care tips you should know

  1. How to remove scratches from white gold jewelry

To remove scratches from white gold I would recommend that you go to a jeweler since they are experts in jewelry and they will know what to do to clean them. If you want to know how to replate your white gold jewelry as well they are also very good at doing that.


  1. Always take off your jewelry before exposing it to water.

Water can damage a lot of jewelry and this includes white gold. This means if you have rings or bracelets on its best to take them off if you are going to wash the dishes. It’s also best to take them off if you are going to enter a pool.


  1. Go to a jeweler to restore the jewelry.

White gold jewelry usually has rhodium coating on it and the coating will start to fade away after a while. If this is happening to your white gold jewelry you may need to bring it to a jeweler to get it replated.


What damages white gold

If white gold or any other gold jewelry gets exposed to water for too long (especially ones that has a lot of chlorine) this may cause some damages to it.


I hope this article showed you the best ways on how to clean white gold.

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