If you think it is hard to clean an ordinary dirty door well cleaning a screen door is way harder than that.  Today I am going to show you how to clean your screen doors the right way. When cleaning screen doors most people don’t know where to start. But don’t worry I will guide you on how to do it. This will show you how to clean security screen doors such as crimsafe and lanai screen doors as well.





Things you need:

  • Bucket of water
  • Dawn dish soap
  • Screen washer

Before you clean

Before you clean your screen doors you need to make sure you get rid of the dust and dirt that was on them. To get rid of the dust and dirt you need to use a duster or a soft brush vacuum cleaner. After getting rid of all the dirt and dust, it is now time to clean.



STEP 1- Add 1-2 tbsp of dawn dish soap into the bucket of water. Then dip the screen cleaner in it.


STEP 2 – Now use the screen cleaner to clean the screen door. Sometimes algae and mildew can start to form on your screen door. So you want to make sure you clean them everywhere including the corners and the sides of the net door. Doing this properly will get rid of the mildew and algae that were on the screen.  This is also a good way to clean metal screens.


STEP 3–  After cleaning your screen door use the back of your hand or a rag to flick the door. The reason why you should do this is to get rid of the sudsy bubbles that were on your door. Keep flicking the door net until you don’t see any more soap bubbles.


STEP 4–  After flicking the door now time to dry it from the inside. Get a dry towel and use it to wipe the inside/back of the screen door.


This is the best way to clean a sliding net screen door.



In this article, I told you the best way to clean your screen door without removing it, but now I will show you how to clean it by removing the screen. This will show you how to clean a patio screen door.


STEP 1-  Remove the screen mesh from the door (only do this if possible).


STEP 2-  Use a mini portable vacuum, duster, or a cleaning brush to get rid of any dirt and dust that is on the screen.


STEP 3-  Get a bucket filled with water and add 1-3 tbsp of dawn dish soap into it. Then dip a screen washer into it.


STEP 4-  Use the screen washer to clean the screen door.  When cleaning the screen door be sure to clean it vertically.


STEP 5-  After cleaning the screen door, just allow it to sundry. After it is fully dry, place it back into the patio door.



I hoped this article helped you to clean your screen doors. If you found it helpful or interesting, you can share it.

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