Everyone knows that quartz countertops usually look very beautiful. They also bring out the beauty in your kitchen as well. But when they get dirty this can be an issue.


The regular way to clean a quartz countertop

I will now show you the steps needed to clean a quartz countertop. These steps will guide you and show you the normal way to clean your countertops.



Step 1- wipe the countertop with dawn dish soap

Dawn dish soap is a very good dish soap to use. In fact, it is my favorite because it’s great at both degreasing and cleaning. For this step, all you have to do is get a wet cleaning rag soaked with warm water (make sure to squeeze out the excess water). Then squeeze a drop of dawn dish soap onto the rag and use it to wipe down the quartz countertop. After wiping down the countertop be used to dry it then move on to the next step.


Step 2-  remove gunk by scraping them away

This is a very simple step. The only thing you have to do is use a putty knife to scrape off the gunk that’s on the countertop. You might be wondering why do you need to do this step if you’ve already done the first one. Well, this is because the first step was only to clean the overall surface of the countertop while this step focuses on removing the gunk that the dish soap and rag couldn’t get rid of.

Also, remember to be careful when scraping your quartz countertop because you don’t want to cause any scratches.


Step 3- spray the countertop with disinfectant spray

This step may seem like an odd step but trust me it is very much needed. So in the step above you mostly scraped off gunk which means that your countertop might still have some small gunk particles left-back so it’s best to use a Lysol disinfectant spray to spray the entire countertop and then use a clean rag to wipe it. Doing this will both clean and make your quartz countertop smell good.


Step 4- Clean the countertop with a degreaser (optional)

This is an optional step which means you don’t have to do it. But if you want to know how to decrease your countertop then you can still follow this step. Before doing anything, you have to makeTHe first thing you want to do is find a degreaser, you can use this one or buy one at your local store/supermarket. The next thing you should do is spray the countertop with the degreaser and use a damp cleaning cloth or sponge to wipe/scrub it. Doing this will get rid of the grease from your quartz countertop which will make it look nice and beautiful again.



How to remove stains from quartz countertop

Overtime our countertops might have a lot of stains on them, especially food stains such as ketchup, mustard, etc, but in most cases, they aren’t hard to clean but cleaning stains from a quartz countertop is something you need to do as soon as any spills that might form stains happen because letting the stain form on quartz can ruin the look and also damage the stained area of the countertop.

I will now show you the steps needed to remove stains from a quartz countertop.



Step 1 – use goo gone

Goo Gone is great for cleaning and removing stains. So it makes sense to use it to remove tough stains from your quartz countertop. When cleaning the countertop make sure to use a cleaning rag and gently scrub the surface. After doing this the stains will either be gone or look faded away. If they look like they are fading away then you can repeat this step or move on to the next one.


Step 2-  clean it with rubbing alcohol

Get a wet microfiber cleaning cloth and pour a little rubbing alcohol onto it. Then use the cloth to clean the quartz countertop stains. Make sure to scrub the stains until they disappear. If the stains are still visible then move on to the final step

If you are interested in some other ways you can use rubbing alcohol then click here.


Step 3- spray with glass cleaner

This might seem a little weird but it is very effective. All you have to do is spray the glass cleaner on the stains and use a non-abrasive sponge to scrub them away. The stains should finally disappear as you’ve completed all the steps.


Step 5- dry it with a paper towel or microfiber cloth

After removing the stains from your countertop make sure to use a dry microfiber cloth or paper towel to dry it.



How to prevent quartz countertops from being damaged and getting too dirty

Great job you’ve most likely finished cleaning your quartz countertop but here are some things you need to know to prevent your countertop from getting too dirty and being damaged.



Clean your quartz countertops regularly

This is very simple, all you need to do is set specific dates on when you are going to clean your countertop. I usually clean mine every two weeks with Lysol disinfectant spray and a microfiber cloth but you can use whatever works best for you (avoid using harsh chemicals).


Always clean up spills

Always make sure to clean spills when they just happened. If you leave any spill on the quartz countertop for a couple of days or up to a week, the material starts to look a bit damaged.


Avoid cutting it

When cutting anything make sure to use a cutting board and not your countertop. This tip should be used not only for quartz but any countertop you have.


Avoid heat

When I say avoid exposing your quartz countertop to heat I don’t mean natural warm temperatures. What I mean is that you should avoid placing hot things such as pots and pans or any other hot things beside or on the quartz. This is because the resin that is used to make quartz is plastic which means if it is exposed to too much heat it can begin to melt which will damage the countertop.



A clean good looking quartz countertop can really brighten the look of your kitchen so be sure to know how to clean them and avoid damaging them.



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