Today I will be telling you how to clean your entire home (almost entire) and one hour. The key to cleaning your home really quickly is to focus on the main rooms that you usually use.



It’s always best to start with the living room because it’s probably the easiest to clean.

The things you need to do for this room are:


  • Organize the sofa, tables, etc
  • Get rid of unnecessary trash
  • Quickly vacuum the floors


Doing these three key things will make your living room look so much better without having to spend too much time in it.




Now the kitchen is a bit harder to clean than the living room, but remember we are not trying to deep clean but instead trying to speed clean. To quickly clean your kitchen you need to do the following:


  • Quickly wash the dishes or put them in the dishwasher
  • Clean/organize the countertops
  • Wipe the stove
  • Mop the floors


I know all of these sounded like they would take an hour to do but if you move quickly you can get the job down very quickly.




To clean your bathrooms quickly you need to focus on doing these things:


  • Wipe face basin/countertop
  • Clean mirrors with glass cleaner
  • Sweep floor
  • And spray with an air freshener.




Cleaning bedrooms can either be an easy task or a hard one depending on how often you clean your rooms. But I will show you the quickest way to clean your bedroom:


  • Organize bedside table
  • Make your bed
  • Organize  the top of your dresser or chest of drawers
  • Vacuum or sweep the floor



I hope this guide helped you a lot.

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