Cleaning baseboards is usually not hard but cleaning baseboards while having a bad back can be somewhat difficult for a lot of people. Sometimes having an aching back can make someone not want to clean their baseboards and this is a bad thing because dirty baseboards can make the inside of your home look dirty. So if you have a bad back and want to clean your baseboards don’t worry because in this article I will show you how to clean your baseboards without bending over.


How to clean baseboards without bending over

I am now going to show you some easy ways to clean dirty baseboards.

Things you need:

Extendable duster
Microfiber cloths
Bucket of water
Rubber bands
Spray bottle
Dish soap
Microfiber mop


Step 1 Remove dust from the baseboards

cleaning baseboard using an extendable dusterThere are a couple of ways you can remove dust from baseboards. The first way is to use an extendable duster to clean the baseboard. An extendable dust cleaner is really good because it can remove any dust from almost any surface. Another way to remove dust from your baseboard is to use a vacuum. The best vacuum to use is one that can have parts added to it. So if you have a vacuum that has a tube-like attachment then use it to suck up the dust from your baseboards. If you don’t have an extendable duster or vacuum with attachments then you can use a big cleaning towel to remove the dust. If you want to clean your baseboard with a towel without bending over then just use one of your legs to navigate the towel over the areas on the baseboard that you want to clean.



Step 2 Make the baseboard cleaning solution

When it’s time to deep clean your baseboards you can either make your own baseboard cleaning solution spray or just use a bucket of warm water. For the second method, all you have to do is get a bucket (half full) with warm water and add 1-2tbs spoon of dish soap into it, preferably dawn dish soap. For the first method, you need to get a spray bottle filled halfway up with warm water. Then add 1 tsp of dawn dish soap and 1/2 – 1 cup of vinegar into it, then shake. Now spray the mixture all over the baseboards.

If you are interested in how to make an all-purpose cleaner then click here.



Step 3 Time to clean the baseboards

cleaning baseboard using a mopIt’s finally time to clean the baseboards. There are 2 methods you can use when deep cleaning your baseboards. The first one is to use a spin or microfiber mop. Dip the mop inside the bucket of water or spray the baseboard cleaner all over the baseboard (make sure the mop is damp). THen use the mop to clean everywhere on the baseboards. Make sure you clean the hard-to-reach areas. Now for the second method, you need to follow my instructions carefully.

Get a broom and place a clean microfiber cleaning cloth around the broom bristles. Make sure the cloth covers up the front and the back of the broom bristles. THen use 1-3 elastic bands to hold the cloth on the broom so that it won’t fall off. Now spray the baseboard cleaner all over the baseboard or dip the tip of the broom inside the bucket of water then use it to wipe down the baseboards. Make sure to clean every baseboard in the house such as the ones in your room, bathroom, on the stairs, etc.



Step 4 Dry the baseboards

For this step, all you have to do is dry the baseboards with a large dry cleaning towel, extendable duster, or a dry mop. Either way, make sure that the baseboards are dry.



How to prevent baseboards from getting dirty

To prevent your baseboards from getting dusty you need to do at least one of the following:

1. Dust removal hacks

I made an article a while ago that will show you how to remove dust build-up in your home. These dust removal hacks/tips will come in handy if you want to know how to keep your baseboards from getting dusty.

2 Use dryer sheets

This might sound a bit weird but trust me, this is one of the best ways to prevent your baseboards from getting too dusty. All you have to do is rub a piece of dryer sheet all over the baseboards. The reason why dryer sheet is great for reducing dust build-up on baseboards is that they contain some ingredients that repel dust. Not only do dryer sheets repel dust from your baseboards but they will also clean them as well.



How often should you clean your baseboards?

Baseboards tend to get dirty very easily and this is because they are near to the ground where there is a lot of dirt and dust. So it’s always important to clean your baseboards once a month or every other month. The reason why you shouldn’t clean your baseboards more often is because you don’t want to ruin the paint.



The best ways to clean your baseboards; Baseboard cleaning hacks

Throughout this article, I showed you how to clean your baseboards without bending over. But now I will show you some incredible baseboard cleaning hacks that I think everyone should know.

Use hydrogen peroxide to restore baseboard color
This may sound weird but hydrogen peroxide can be used to restore the color of any dirty baseboards. To do this all you need to do is to get a pour hydrogen peroxide all over the microfiber cloth on the broom and use it to wipe down the baseboard.

Doing this will restore the baseboard color.

Magic eraser
Using a magic eraser is a great way to clean your baseboards. They are good at absorbing and cleaning away dirt and grime.

Baseboard cleaner spray
To make your own baseboard cleaner spray you need to do the following. Get a spray bottle filled halfway up with warm water and add 1tbsp of dish soap and 1 cup of vinegar into it. Now shake the mixture together. Now you have your own baseboard cleaner spray.


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