If you are a teacher or someone who just likes to write things down, you most likely have a whiteboard to use. Whiteboards are great for writing things down but one of the problems with them is that they tend to get dirty very easily. This can be caused by the constant erasing which will leave smudges, dust build-up, etc. Sometimes it’s not the fact that the board is dirty but sometimes permanent marker streaks are on it and it can be hard to remove them. In this article, I will show you how to clean a whiteboard.



How to clean a whiteboard using these six methods



Use rubbing alcohol

cleaning whiteboard using a cloth soaked with rubbing alcoholRubbing alcohol is a great way to clean your whiteboard if your dry eraser isn’t doing a good job. To clean your whiteboard with rubbing alcohol, the first thing you should do is pour some of it into a spray bottle. Now spray the rubbing alcohol onto the whiteboard and use a clean microfiber cloth or paper towel to clean the board.


If your board isn’t dirty but you want to eraser the marker writing from it but you don’t have any dry eraser; you can still use this method.



Clean it with vinegar

When cleaning your whiteboard with vinegar you have to make sure you mix the vinegar with water first. After doing that dip a clean sponge into the solution and use it to wipe away any marker streaks and dirt that’s on the board.



Use magic eraser

cleaning a whiteboard using a magic eraser spongeIf your dry eraser is smudging your whiteboard then it’s time to either clean it or get a new eraser. If you are planning to get a new eraser then you should get a box of magic erasers. These are way better than regular dry erasers because they won’t leave any smudges and streaks on your whiteboard. When cleaning your whiteboard with a magic eraser make sure to soak it in rubbing alcohol (squeeze the excess liquid out of the magic eraser sponge) and use it to wipe everywhere on the board. Doing this will make your whiteboard look very clean and brand new.



Clean it with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is mostly known to clean wounds, but it is also good at cleaning different things as well including whiteboards. So if you tried the previous methods and they didn’t work, you should try this one.



Use wd-40

cleaning whiteboard using wd-40Wd-40 is a great household product because it has so many uses. If you are interested in some of its other uses, you should check this out. To clean your whiteboard with Wd-40, all you have to do is spray the board with the wd-40 and use a piece of paper towel to clean away every marker streak and smudge that’s on it.



Clean the whiteboard with nail polish remover

For this method, it is best to use a nonacetone nail polish remover. Just pour a little nail polish remover onto a sponge and clean the whiteboard with it. Then use a dry cloth to dry the board. You can repeat this until the whiteboard has no permanent marker streaks, smudges, or dirt on it.



How to prevent whiteboards from getting dirty

I will now show you two ways to prevent your whiteboard from getting dirty all the time.



Clean it with a damp cloth daily

The reason why you want to clean your whiteboard with a damp cloth daily is to prevent any permanent smudge streaks and also to prevent dust and dirt build-up. When cleaning a whiteboard make sure to always use a microfiber cloth.



Clean or get new erasers

Most times it’s the erasers that are leaving the smudge marks on the whiteboard. So to prevent this from happening it’s best to either clean them or get new ones. Personally, I like to buy multiple of them so that when one starts to cause a mess I can switch it with a cleaner one.








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