Often times electric kettles usually start to develop scales in them. This usually happens when you barely clean inside of the kettle. However, there are some incredible methods to get rid of these scales out of your kettle now only that but using these methods will also deodorize your kettle making it smell way better than before.



Why are there scales in my electric kettle?

The scales that you see in your kettle are minerals that fell to the bottom of your kettle when the water was boiling in it. How fast this scale builds up really depends on the water type in your area. If you live in an area with hard water then you’ll have this problem more frequently compared to somewhere that doesn’t have hard water.



How to clean an electric kettle with vinegar

Vinegar is the perfect choice to go with when cleaning a kettle. This is because vinegar acidity while mild is still very good at breaking down the mineral build-up inside the kettle.


Steps to clean kettle with vinegar:

Step 1

Pour 1 cup of vinegar and 2 cups of water into the kettle.

Step 2

Turn on the kettle and let the vinegar and water boil inside of it.

Step 3

After that let the vinegar and water sit in the kettle for a couple of hours or just leave it overnight. Then the next morning you should pour out the vinegar/water out of the kettle.

Step 4

Pour some water inside of the kettle and let it boil, then pour out the water and repeat. Doing this will remove the vinegar smell from your kettle.



Cleaning an electric kettle with baking soda

Using baking soda to clean away the mineral build-up inside a kettle is great because baking soda is known to have great cleaning capabilities.

Steps to clean kettle with baking soda:


Step 1

Sprinkle 6 tablespoons worth of baking soda into the kettle and add 2-3 cups of water to it.

Step 2

Let the water boil for around 7 minutes.

Step 3

Then use a soft cleaning brush to clean inside the kettle. Then rinse inside of it with cold water.



How to clean a kettle with citrus

Pour 1 cup of lemon juice and 2 cups of water into the kettle and let them boil for around 10 minutes. After letting them boil pour out the lemon juice and rinse the kettle with cold water.



How to clean a kettle with dawn dish soap

Cleaning a kettle with dawn dish soap is rather simple. All you have to do is pour 3 cups of water into the kettle and add 4 squirts of dawn dish soap. Mix the soap with the water so it can become sudsy and let it boil. After letting the water boil wait for it to cool down then use a cleaning sponge to clean the inside of the kettle. Make sure that you remove the mineral scale build-up when cleaning the kettle. Then after doing that, just rinse inside the kettle.



Cleaning outside a kettle

When cleaning outside a kettle there are two things that you should focus on. The first one is obviously making the kettle clean and the second one is making it look good by polishing it.



Cleaning the exterior of a kettle

There are a couple of ways how to clean outside of a kettle but I will show you two of the best methods to do so.


Using vinegar

To clean the outside of a kettle with vinegar you need to get a clean damp microfiber cloth and pour 1/2 cup fo vinegar onto it. Now use the vinegar-soaked cloth to wipe the kettle. Vinegar is great for cleaning stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about it damaging your kettle.


Using dish soap

You can use any type of dish soap you want but the one I recommend is dawn. This is because dawn dish soap is an excellent degreaser and it is also one of the best things to use when cleaning stainless steel.

To clean the exterior of your kettle with dawn dish soap you need to get a microfiber cloth and squirt 1 drop of dish soap onto it. Then use the cloth to wipe the kettle and then use another damp cloth to remove the soap.


Polishing the kettle

To polish your kettle you need to get a clean microfiber cloth and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to it. THen use the cloth to shine the kettle (only do this for stainless steel kettles). After doing that use another dry cloth to wipe the kettle again. The reason why you should do this again is that with the second wipe you’ll make the kettle shiny while also getting rid of the grease.



How to prevent limescale build-up in the kettle


To prevent limescale build-up in a kettle you can either use a kettle protector or just clean inside your kettle once a week.


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