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Vinegar can be used for many things. It is mostly used in all sorts of food recipes. But did you know that vinegar is really useful when it comes on to household cleaning? You can also use it in the garden also. Here are 8 awesome vinegar cleaning hacks of your home.



Removing rust can be a difficult task for anyone. Most people think that when their tools start to build up rust they should just ignore it or spend a lot of money to replacing those tools.


I used to think this way until I’ve found out about a simple vinegar hack which I’m about to tell you.


What you need to do is put all the rusty tools in a container. Then fill the container with vinegar. Make sure the vinegar covers all the tools in the container. Then let them sit there for 12 hours. Your tools should be looking brand new again.



Having dirty windows is something that most people including myself hates. It’s very easy to get glass windows or mirrors dirty. Most times they get dirty because of fingerprints or but up dust.


But don’t worry because there is a simple way to clean glass windows and mirrors in your home.


This hack helps me a lot when I’m doing my household cleaning. You need to mix 1 cup of vinegar, with warm water. Place the mixture into a spray bottle. When cleaning the windows/mirrors you need to use a microfibre cloth. This cloth is good for cleaning glass because it does not leave any threads on them. By doing this your windows and mirrors will look crystal clear and clean. You can spray scrubbing bubbles on the mirror along with the mixture.



Remember when I said that vinegar is mostly used for food and also cleaning. You will be surprised to know that it can also be used to help clean your laundry.


I always use vinegar when I’m doing the laundry even though at first I was hesitant to try it.  The vinegar works as a laundry booster.


To do this you need to put your clothes in the washer. Then pour 1/2 cup of vinegar on the clothes, then turn the washer on. That’s it; it’s very simple and the results you get after is amazing. I suggest that you do this every time you are going to do your laundry.



As someone who used to have a garden. I hated and founded it annoying when weeds used to grow in it. I’m sure that I’m not the only person who thinks like that.


In order to kill the weeds pestering your lush beautiful garden, you need to do this simple hack.


Mix together water and 1/2 cups of vinegar and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Now spray the mixture directly on the weeds. Make sure to spray the roots of the weeds as well.  Do this every day for 1 week and the results will surprise you.


It also depends on how large your spray bottle is. For a small spray bottle try to add 1/3 or 1/2 cup of water into the spray bottle (make sure it’s warm water). Then after that add 1/2 cup of vinegar into the spray bottle. If your spray bottle is large enough you can add more vinegar and water into it.


If you are having trouble with lawn weeds it’s best to use the weed-killing recipe I mentioned above. But for something like finger weeds, common purslane, or dandelions you need to use undiluted vinegar(no water added to it) preferably industrial vinegar which is stronger than regular vinegar. So just fill the whole spray bottle with vinegar and spar it on the weeds(spray the roots and leaves).




Stains are a pain they look awful and they stand out on your clothing. So if you mix vinegar and baking soda together this will help. When you mix these two together it’s going to create a paste-like substance.


Now with this paste, all you need to do is apply it where ever the stain is then rub it with a cloth until the stain starts to go away.


Another trick is to get a bucket of water and add some laundry detergent in it and also add about 3 tablespoons of vinegar and leave the stained clothing in it for a while. If the stain is still there try rinsing and washing.



If you want to clean your utensils properly with vinegar. Just do the following. Get a large bowl and fill half of it with water and put 1 cup of vinegar in it.


Place the utensils inside the container and let them sit there for 10-20 minutes.


After doing this wash the utensils with dish soap. After doing this your utensils will not only be clean, they will also look very shiny.



This hack is very simple. All you have to do is pour 1 cup of baking soda and 1-2 cups of vinegar in the drain. This will unclog the drain for you.



Dirty surfaces can be hard to clean. But with vinegar, you can make it way easier. Just get a clean cloth and sprinkle vinegar on it.


Use the cloth to wipe any surface in the house(countertops, white tabletops, face basins, even meat boards).


After doing that, use another damp cloth to wipe the area again. This will make any surface you cleaned wonderful to look at. It will also get rid of any dirt and bacteria on the surface.


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