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Borax is an amazing household item for me. It helps me with my daily household cleaning and more. So when my drains got clogged I was feeling a bit frustrated because nothing I did seems to work. Until I watched a video on how to clear clogged drains with borax.


At first, I thought it wouldn’t work for me because my drain was clogged so badly that any time I left the pipe running for 20 seconds, it would start to overflow. After pouring 3-5 cups of borax, 2 cups of vinegar, 1 cup of baking soda and 4 cups of warm water into the drain.


In about 5 minutes the drain should be cleared. The 3 items with the warm water will break down the dirt and grime causing the drain to be clogged.



Rust on any item can make them look very old and unusable. If the item is a tool or a padlock, the rust can affect its effectiveness. When I had a lot of rusty tools, I tried using some tricks I found on the internet. Those tricks didn’t work for me. But I kept searching and reading.


I eventually saw a video on how to get rid of rust with borax. The hack in the video requires you to get 3 cups of borax, 1 cup of vinegar, and pour the mixture in a small bucket and wash the rusty item with a brush.


But I did something different, I placed all my rusty tools and other rusty items in the bucket of water with the vinegar and borax mixture. I left the rusty items there for 12 hours. This should remove most of the rust on the items.



Everyone including myself loves a clean window. Borax can clean almost anything. It’s really good when it comes on to cleaning dirty windows as well.


All you have to do is mix 1 /2 cup of borax with 1 cup of vinegar and warm water and pour the mixture it in a spray bottle. And when you are ready to clean its best if you use a microfiber cloth to clean the windows.


By doing this your windows and mirrors are going to look very clean and reflective.



No one likes an unclean toilet. Walking into a bathroom with a clean toilet makes you want to use it without getting grossed out. Even if the rest of your bathroom is clean. The toilet bowl itself is an important factor when it comes on to a clean bathroom.


So in order to properly clean your toilet, you need to use borax. Pour 3 cups of borax and 2 cups of bleach in the toilet. Then use the toilet brush to get rid of the toilet stains inside it.


You can sprinkle some of the borax in the tank of the toilet itself if you want it to smell better. Another thing you can do is get a damp sponge, then sprinkle borax on it and scrub outside of the toilet. This will make you have a cleaner and better-smelling toilet.



Most people would agree that stains on carpets are awful to look at. They make your carpet look disgusting and dirty. So if you have carpet stain issues, don’t worry because borax can help you with your problem. This borax hack is very simple.


Just mix 1/2 cup of borax with 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide and put the mixture on the stained areas on the carpet. Let the mixture sit there for 2 minutes. Then use an old toothbrush to scrub the area.


After doing this use a broom to sweep away the borax residue and tada! your floors are now stain-free and clean.



Whether your carpet is dirty or you are just doing your carpet cleaning routine. No one likes a smelly carpet. Now let me tell you a simple way to make your carpet smell better. You will need a vacuum cleaner and a box of borax.


To deodorize and clean your carpet with a vacuum and borax you need to do the following.


Sprinkle borax all over the carpet. Let the borax sit in the carpet for about 30 mins-1hr. After that, all you need to do is vacuum the carpet. Make sure to vacuum your carpet about 3 times so you can get rid of all the borax residue.


By doing this you will no longer need to call the carpet cleaners to clean your carpets. It will save you a lot of money.



This tip is very easy to do. You will need to get a soft damp sponge. Next squeeze some dish soap on the sponge, then sprinkle some borax all over the sponge and on the area you want to clean in your refrigerator.


Then gently scrub all over the fridge. You can scrub the outside of the fridge as well. See this hack is very simple to do.



For this borax tip, you need to get A sponge and sprinkle borax on it. This is simple enough. Next, you need to sprinkle dish soap on the sponge as well.


Now use the sponge to scrub the bathroom walls and tub. Be sure to clean in between the tiles to get rid of dirt and grout.


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