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 People with gardens find insects and other pests very frustrating to deal with. Insects usually target the leaves of the plants because that’s the area they feed on.


I remember when I used to have an insect problem in my garden years ago. I used a very simple hack to get rid of them forever.


This hack requires you to mix 1-2 tbalespoons of Dawn dish soap with 1 cup of vinegar and  2-3 cups of warm water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray the plants in your garden. Be sure to spray the leaves and the roots of the plants.


Doing this will prevent any insects from tormenting your gardens again.



Stained clothes are disgusting to look at. Especially if you are the one wearing them. I had many stained clothing and I thought it was impossible to remove the stains. Until I learned that dawn dish soap can help with those types of situations.


If you have trouble with grease stains don’t worry you can get rid of them with this simple trick. Just apply some dawn (about two to three drops) on the stained area and then scrub it.


After you scrub it put in the washer or wash it yourself to see the result. If the stained clothing is white and the stain is still there just use some bleach and vinegar when you’re ready to wash it.


This hack is very useful to me, and I know you will find it very useful as well.


3.CLEANS CABINETS and cupboards

Greasy cabinets are disgusting to look at. Especially if you have guests over. Greasy cabinets and cupboards are caused by frequent cooking in the kitchen. So if you don’t know how to get rid of the grease from them, there is an easy trick that can help you.


Squeeze 4 drops of dawn on a damp sponge then wipe the cabinets and cupboards. Be sure not to scrub them because this will damage the material on them. By doing this your cabinets and cupboards will look cleaner than before and also look like they were just installed.


This trick helped me to clean not just my cabinets but other items that had grease on them.



Stainless steel appliances always seem to have a lot of fingerprints on them. This can make them look awful. Fingerprints usually show up on your refrigerator, stove, and microwave.


To properly clean them you should follow this trick and you will be able to get rid of the fingerprints.


To remove the fingerprints you need to put a few drops of dawn dish soap on a damp cloth or sponge. Then start scrubbing the stainless steel item that you’re having trouble with.


Then wipe with a damp cloth after you’re finished scrubbing. This will remove any fingerprint marks on the surface you were wiping.



Ants like to move in large groups around your home. One way to prevent them from showing up in your home is to leaving food crumbs on the floor, or on the countertops.


To prevent ants from showing up on your floors, cabinets, or counters just follow this trick. Just mix 1/2 cup of dawn dish soap with 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide and put it in a spray bottle and mix.


When you’re finished just spray wherever the ants are. Leave the spray residue on wherever you sprayed it for 10-15minutes, then wipe it away. The ants will not show up after doing this.



There is no doubt that carpet stains look awful. They make your carpet looks disgusting and dirty. I remember when my carpet had a lot of stains and I had to use this dawn dish soap hack.


To get rid of the stains just do this simple and easy trick. Mix 1 cup of dawn dish soap and 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide.


Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on the carpet stains. You don’t have to use a spray bottle. You can put the mixture in a small container. It works the same as it would if it was in a spray bottle.


This will remove all the tough stains from your carpet, making it look good as new.



Squeeze a few drops of dawn dish soap in the bathtub and use a brush or sponge to scrub the whole area. Make sure to get rid of any dirt marks you see. This will make inside your shower look clean and nice.

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