Papers can be found almost anywhere in most people’s homes. So if you find some unwanted paper in your living room the best thing to do is just to get rid of them.



You might not even want to do this but sometimes you gotta let go. Sometimes you have to ask yourself “When is the last time I read some of these books? Do I actually need them?”. When you ask yourself these questions you’ll start to realize that most of the books that you keep in your living room are pretty much useless to you.



Go through the chords in your living room and check the ones that you aren’t actually using. Sometimes when there are a lot of chords bundled together in one place you’ll find out that there is a couple of them that aren’t even been used.



It’s Always good to throw away unwanted stuff and unused DVDs are one of them. You can either give them away to a friend or family or just dump them.



Try to look for actual trash. This means to look for stuff like snack bags, empty bottles, etc. When you find them just throw them away in the trash can.

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