Have you ever had a clogged drain before? Most people will answer yes. We all know that a clogged drain is the worst thing to deal with. A clogged drain is usually caused by built-up hair, dirt, and gunk.  To unclog a drain is not an easy thing to do, usually, you would have to go through an extremely long process or maybe call someone to help you clear it.


But if you have a clogged drain you don’t have to worry about that you can just follow these simple tricks and your drain will be cleared in no time.



You need to pour a cup of salt down the drain (let it sit there for 5 minutes) and then pour some boiling hot water afterward. You can try adding more salt or throw 1 cup of vinegar in the drain as well.



Pour 2 cups of baking soda in the drain. Then after that pour 2 cups of vinegar in it as well. the baking soda and vinegar mixture will break down anything such as hair, dirt or gunk that was clogging the drain.

Let the mixture sit in the drain for 2-4 minutes. Then pour some boiling hot water in the sink to flush it out.



This one is very simple to do. Just pour 1-2 cups of borax in the drain. Then pour some hot water afterward. This will clear your drain in no time.



Pour 1 cup of baking soda and salt into the drain. Next, pour 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide in the drain as well. Let the mixture sit there for 3 minutes.

Then pour some boiling hot water in it. This will remove the dirt and gunk that was clogging the toilet.



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