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You can use a magic eraser to clean your desk. Because we all know that desks gather a lot of dust if you don’t clean it often. Sometimes dust isn’t even the problem but fingerprints are.


To properly clean your desk just use a magic eraser.




Sneakers get dirty very easily. Especially the white ones. And cleaning them can be very difficult. But thankfully magic eraser can make the job a simple task.


To properly clean your white shoes with a magic eraser you need to use it to scrub your shoes. By doing this your white shoes will return to how it looked when you first got them.




Dirt and dust gathers in this area quite often. And it is not that easy to clean. To clean your window stool properly just use a magic eraser and scrub the area. Its that simple.


Your window stool is going to look sparkling clean again.




The walls usually get dirty a lot. Especially when you have pets and kids in your home. And believe me, cleaning a wall is that not easy. Because if you scrub them too hard the paint might come off. But a magic eraser can help you with this.


After gently scrubbing your walls with a magic eraser, they will look clean and homely again.




Most times bathtubs get dirty because our feet are dirty and the water washes away the dirt and the dirt residue sticks at the bottom of the tub. Which can be hard to clean. But with a magic eraser, this can be cleaned very simply.




Water sports are one of the main reasons why some face basin looks dirty. Water spots are usually caused by droplets of water being left on a hard surface for a long time.


This happens when we wash our hands or face or when we use the water from the pipe and the water gets everywhere.


To prevent water spots just wipe your face basin after using it. Now if you already have water spots on your face basin just use a magic eraser to scrub the face basin.




I feel like when most people are cleaning their homes. They usually ignore or overlook the baseboards. I used to overlook them too until one day I had visitors over and I looked down on the walls and I saw that the baseboard is really dirty and disgusting looking.


All you need to clean your baseboard is a magic eraser and scrub them.




This one is very simple. Just use a magic eraser and scrub the microwave. Its that simple.




Pour some warm water on the magic eraser and use it to scrub the stained area of the clothing. After doing this put the clothing in the washer. This will get the stain out of it.




Keeping your stovetop clean can be a difficult task. Because if you cook a lot like me, you are guaranteed to have food stains on your stove.


To get rid of these food stains just use a magic eraser to scrub the stove. Your stove will look wonderful and clean again.




To clean your baking sheets properly you need to use a magic eraser to scrub the baking sheet. After doing this make sure to rinse the baking sheet.


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