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A clean toilet bowl can make your bathroom look really clean. Sometimes it’s hard to clean but if you follow this hack it will be simple for you.


Get a soft damp sponge and pour 1/2 cup of Lysol on it. Use the sponge and scrub outside of the toilet.


You can also add bleach on the sponge to get more effective results.




Carpet stains are very irritating to look at. To get rid of carpet stains properly you need to follow this simple hack. Mix 1/2 cup of vinegar with 1 cup of Lysol.


Pour the mixture on the stain and use an old brush to rub the stained area until its cleaned.




To prevent your toilet from smelling disgusting over time. You need to clean inside of it very often. To prevent your toilet from smelling bad or to clean your bad smelling toilet you are going to need to do this simple hack.


Throw about 2-3 cups of Lysol in the tank of the toilet. That’s it, its that simple. Your toilet should be smelling better in no time.




Bathtubs get dirty very easily. Its because when we take a shower the water washes away the dirt from our feet and leaves it on the bathtub floor.

To properly clean your bathtub with Lysol, you need to pour 2-3 cups of Lysol and 1 cup of borax in the bathtub(add some water too). Then use a clean sponge to scrub the bathtub.




Stained clothing is the worst to deal with. I personally hate when I have stains on clothing that I already have on. But if you want to get rid of stains from clothing just do the following.


Put 2 cork full of Lysol on the stained area of the clothing. Scrub the area with a soft cloth until the stain starts to disappear.




Cabinets and cupboards usually get dirty when you cook in the kitchen and the grease starts to build upon them. To clean them all you have to do is get a clean damp cloth and pour 1/2 cup of Lysol on the cloth.


Now use the cloth to wipe the cupboards in the kitchen. Then use a dry cloth to wipe away the soap residue.


Your cupboards will be looking clean and shiny again.




I want you to think about this. Would you rather buy an expensive furniture cleaner or make your own DIY version which will be effective as the one in stores.


I am guessing you are thinking of making your own. To do this just pour 1 cup of Lysol in a spray bottle with 1 cup of water and mix them around.


Now you can spray and clean any surface. If you don’t have any spray bottle you can pour 1 cup of Lysol on the furniture and use a clean cloth to gently wipe it. Then use a dry cloth to wipe away the soap residue.




An all-purpose cleaner is not that hard to make as you thought it might be. To create your very own all-purpose cleaner you need to do this simple trick.


Add 2 cups of Lysol in a spray bottle with 2 cups of water in it. With this, you can spray any area that you wish to clean.




This is a simple hack to do. What you need to do is pour 3 cups of Lysol in the disposal. This helps to deodorize it.




Laundry boosters are very great to have. Because they make your laundry smell wonderful. I used to have a lot of them but I realized that they were very expensive.


So I came up with my very own substitute.


That substitute was the Lysol surface cleaner. To use this substitute correctly you need to do the following. After putting your laundry in the washer add 3 cups of Lysol on the clothes then start the washer.


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